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Best Way To Learn Japanese: 31 Virtual Teachers

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Learning new languages is an essential and valuable skill. And with the growing anime culture, Japanese is a popular language to learn.


But, how do you learn Japanese if you’re not in school?


Luckily, you can study the Japanese language from the comfort of your home. Read on for the best way to learn Japanese from 31 virtual teachers.

31 Virtual Teachers

Now that you know how to learn Japanese online, you might wonder where to go for your lessons. We’ve scoured the internet and created this list of some of the best virtual teachers.

1. Zhuoran (Kaela) Cai on Amphy

Zhuoran Cai’s class is perfect for those with no knowledge of the language as you’ll focus on Hiragana and Katakana, basic conversations like greetings, food, directions, and more, as well as grammar and sentence structures.

2. Atsuko A. on Preply

Atsuko A. is a native Japanese speaker who has been teaching for over 25 years. She teaches multiple subjects, from Japanese for beginners or children to conversational Japanese to business Japanese.

3. Masami on iTalki

Masami’s classes include lessons to learn proper Japanese pronunciation and explore Japanese culture with PDF files, text documents, audio/image/video files, flashcards, and more.

4. Narumi S. on Preply

Narumi S. teaches grammar basics, how to speak with correct pronunciation, and how to read Hiragana and Katakana.

5. Yuko on iTalki

Yuko is a native Japanese speaker from Kyoto, Japan. She teaches students of various levels with a focus on grammar, conversation, composition, and proper pronunciation.

6. Taiki K. on Preply

Taiki K. focuses on grammar and dialogue and assigns homework after each class to further improve your Japanese language skills.

7. Tatsu on iTalki

Tatsu has two main teaching categories: conversation (including reading) and customizable lessons depending on your level. You’ll learn daily conversation and grammar basics. 

8. Miho Todo on verbling

Miho Todo’s one-on-one lessons are customizable to your base knowledge and learning goals. She teaches basic Japanese language skills and Japanese culture.

9. Fujinawa Miyako on Japanese Online Institute

In Fujinawa Miyako’s classes, you’ll learn to navigate topics or themes of conversation and how to use vocab and phrases correctly in everyday dialogue.

10. Yuki Kishimoto on verbling

Yuki Kishimoto teaches grammar, vocabulary, phrasing, reading, and conversational and composition skills. 

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With the growing anime culture, Japanese is a popular language to learn

11. Ishibashi Kaori on Japanese Online Institute

Ishibashi Kaori teaches low intermediate and intermediate levels and advanced grammar. She uses topics, free conversation, and vocab quizzes to guide students.

12. Maru Miyai on verbling

Maru Miyai welcomes students of all levels and teaches Japanese basics like grammar and conversation with standard accents.

13. Itaya Sayuri on Japanese Online Institute

Itaya Sayuri works with beginner and intermediate students and teaches by encouraging you to speak as much as possible and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

14.  Mariko on verbling

Mariko teaches beginner, intermediate, and business-level Japanese with the use of a textbook. She encourages students to have open conversations while studying grammar, vocabulary, and expression.

15. Lan on iTalki

Lan’s class will differ depending on the student’s level and comfortability with the Japanese language. You’ll mostly focus on grammar and daily conversation. 

16. Igarashi Maki on Japanese Online Institute

Igarashi Maki’s teaching method is the best way to learn Japanese for beginner and intermediate-level students through the use of images and English subtitles to work through grammar lessons.

17. Masahiro Arai on nihongo-pro

Masahiro Arai works with introductory, beginner, and intermediate students and specializes in Japanese literature from 1900–1980, and television, manga, and culture from 1960–1980.

18. Shinobu Murata Verhagen on Live Lingua

Shinobu Murata Verhagen works primarily with beginners on grammar, writing, and pronunciation, but also offers customized lessons for advanced or business-level students for their individual needs.

19. Yuko Araki on nihongo-pro

Yuko Araki specializes in Japanese for living in Japan and business as well as lessons centered around manga and anime.

20. Takashi Shikauchi on Live Lingua

Takashi Shikauchi works to increase student concentration, participation, and accountability in his lessons. The classes feature hands-on learning for engagement, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, and business-level Japanese.

21. Yutaka Aso on nihongo-pro

Yutaka Aso offers private 50-minute lessons at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These lessons include lots of pronunciation practice to help you with daily conversation.

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22. Akemi Vitoriano on Live Lingua

Akemi Vitoriano teaches students of all ages to speak with native Japanese speakers, fully prepare for Japanese exams, and develop Japanese speaking skills to open new opportunities in personal and work settings.

23. Nami Hayashi on nihongo-pro

Nami Hayashi’s 50-minute private lessons are great for an introductory, beginner, or intermediate students to further their Japanese grammar, spelling, conversational, and composition skills.

24. Karin S. on Wyzant

Karin S.’s teaching style is creative and interactive perfect for beginner students to learn basic grammar and conversational skills.

25. Chiaki Kasper on nihongo-pro

Chiaki Kasper offers customizable 50-minute lessons for introductory, beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students.

26. Atsuko Terai on Live Lingua

Atsuko Terai has experience teaching students of all levels from the U.S., Mexico, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more. You’ll learn grammar and conversational basics using a textbook and class content.

27. Sayaka M. on Wyzant

Sayaka M. teaches students of all age groups and levels of Japanese. Her classes consist of Japanese grammar, spelling, and conversational basics and lessons in culture, customs, trends, and more.

28. Takashi Kawatani on Amphy

For advanced Japanese students, especially those in the workplace, Takashi Kawatani’s class will prepare you to work cohesively with your Japanese coworkers.

29. Aivie I. on Wyzant

Aivie I. focuses on teaching the Japanese language and culture to introductory and beginner-level students.

30. Julia Akashi

Julia Akashi’s class allows Japanese language learners to practice their skills with guidance.

31. Chiharu M. on Wyzant

Chiharu M. teaches Japanese to students of all levels with a focus on reading, writing, and conversation. 

Final Thoughts

Taking the plunge to learn Japanese will prove extremely rewarding, and working with a virtual teacher is the best way to learn Japanese.


Not only will it help you stand out to potential employers, but it’s a fun process and will also allow you to connect with people from other cultures!


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