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Creative Writing with ChatGPT: A Complete Guide

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With massive advances in technology, AI is at a point where you can generate high-quality content in mere minutes. Creative writing with ChatGPT is a relatively new method of creating work, however. While the AI can’t quite write an entire bestselling fiction novel on its own, you can generate articles, poetry, and creative writing with ChatGPT. 


In this complete guide, you’ll learn about creative writing with ChatGPT and how you can leverage it to your advantage.


What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is OpenAI’s newest chatbot software, released in November of 2022. It’s an auto-generative system trained on a massive data set of internet text to mimic human responses, specifically for customer service, and has a wide array of functions.


Many have found use in ChatGPT for generating computer code, poetry, song lyrics, essays, question responses, and song composition. This makes leveraging ChatGPT for creative writing interactive, time-efficient, and an excellent aid in your creative writing endeavors.

As we mentioned in the intro, you can’t expect the software to draft entire novels, but it’s nonetheless a tool every writer, business owner, and marketer should be using to maximize their potential.

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The #1 Reason To Do Creative Writing with ChatGPT

The #1 reason to write with ChatGPT is to inspire yourself or add things to your own work. You shouldn’t use ChatGPT to create stories to submit to publications, as that can be plagiarism. 

Who Invented ChatGPT?

OpenAI is the source and creator of ChatGPT. 

What Are the Capabilities of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an intuitive form of AI learning that uses a variety of sources to produce human-like content. It remembers what was said in previous points of the conversation and creates relevant responses accordingly. 

What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

There are some notable limitations of ChatGPT, as stated by the developers. First of all, ChatGPT may sometimes produce incorrect or biased information, which may require the use of a ChatGpt Detector to identify and correct. It also has limited knowledge of events after 2021, making concurrent responses prone to inaccuracy.

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While the AI can't quite write an entire bestselling fiction novel on its own, you can generate articles, poetry, and creative writing with ChatGPT.

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What Can You Use ChatGPT for?

Given the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT, there are many applications when it comes to creative writing. 

Some things you might use it for are:

  • Finishing a Story: You can provide the model with a short story and ask it to generate a continuation of it, then you can edit and refine the output to fit your desired story.
  • Writing Poetry: You can provide the model with a theme or a prompt and ask it to generate a poem, then you can edit it to make it more polished.
  • Generating Character Descriptions: You can provide the model with a character archetype and ask it to create a description of the character.

ChatGPT is an efficient, well-rounded writing partner who can streamline processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.

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How To Use ChatGPT for Creative Writing in Three Easy Steps

ChatGPT is currently in beta mode and is a free service upon sign-up. Due to high usage, the site sometimes reaches capacity, and you have to wait a few minutes before you can get on, but this is rarely much of an issue.


After sign-up, the ChatGPT website gives you an overview of some ways you can use the bot and lets you get started right away. 


The most effective way to use ChatGPT is to begin feeding it information relevant to your selected topic and string texts together so it can generate content best suited to your needs. 


Here’s an example of text we put into the bot:


“Write a short character description for a noble knight who serves his kingdom.”


This was the bot’s response:


Sir Reginald is a noble knight who serves his kingdom with honor and distinction. He is a brave warrior, skilled in both swordplay and horseback riding. Despite his great power and status, Sir Reginald is humble and kind, always putting the needs of his kingdom and its people first. He is a true defender of the realm.


Although this isn’t what you would call an end-all-be-all description for a character, it’s a solid starting point based on proven archetypes. You can adjust it manually, or you can continue stringing text together in the bot to have it elaborate further on the character.


In the same chat, we followed up with this question:


“Adding on to his character description, does Sir Reginald have a family?”


To which the bot responded:


Yes, Sir Reginald has a family. His wife, Lady Isabella, is a beautiful and kind lady. They have two children, a son and a daughter, who he loves dearly. Despite his duties as a knight often taking him away from home, he makes sure to spend quality time with them whenever he can.


Sir Reginald now seems to have more depth as a character than before. You can continue your creative writing with ChatGPT by building upon his character or having the AI generate some short stories involving “Sir Reginald.” 

Using ChatGPT as a Story Aid

If you’re working on a short story and are having trouble progressing, you can provide ChatGPT with the first few paragraphs and ask it to generate a continuation based on the patterns and structures it has learned from its training data.

However, the bot can’t perfectly capture style or tone and is often generic. You shouldn’t rely on the bot for integral aspects of creative content, but it can help write filler and segments.

Using ChatGPT for Poetry

Another way to use ChatGPT for creative writing is to create poetry. By providing the model with a theme or a prompt, ChatGPT can generate a poem. This can be a good starting point for poets who need inspiration or want to explore different writing styles. 

Tips for Using ChatGPT for Creative Writing

Creative writing with ChatGPT can be an excellent way to get unstuck. It can help writers to get started on a project, explore new writing styles, and generate ideas. It’s also free, which makes it an accessible resource to everyone with a computer. 

Still, it’s essential to use it cautiously and be aware of its limitations. While you can certainly maximize your potential as a writer, you must remember that the bot can’t completely replace a human in creative writing. Check out an online creative writing course and grow your writing skills today! 

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