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Edtech Microverse Scores Additional $4M to Help Developers Learn Coding Online


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Microverse, an ed-tech start-up out of San Francisco, offers programs permitting students to learn a trade, cost-free, until they embark on a new career. With an additional $4M funded by investors in the technology sector, Microverse will reach new heights and new students, leading to more capable employees.

More About Microverse

Educational opportunities to learn a new skill can seem out of reach for remote populations or in socioeconomically diverse locales. Businesses continue to experience a shortage of skilled employees to fill much-needed positions. It’s a vicious cycle. The skills required in a digital tech world should be open to everyone, no matter their location.


How can employers introduce a fast track to skills vital in today’s digital world? With online learning platforms like Amphy and Microverse. With a simple concept of providing potential workforce members with education with no upfront funds until the student gains employment utilizing their new skills. 


Microverse saw over 1,500 students receive a 90% placement rate after the completion of the program. In addition, these alumni received a 300% salary increase from companies such as Microsoft, HSBC, and others. 


The success and popularity have Microverse exploding with an increased level of students. Microverse secured $4M in additional funding from investors in the business sector to expand their team. By 2030, Microverse will, in cooperation with investors and international businesses, globally connect skilled workers with remote roles in the fast-growing technology sector.

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Microverse will reach new heights and new students, leading to more capable employees.

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Philippines’ Largest EdTech Startup Secures Bridge Funding

Phillippine-based online tutoring EdTech startup, EDGE Tutor, has received undisclosed monetary support from investors. Humanitarian-based investors include Bisk Ventures, KSR Ventures, and Lorinet Foundations. 


The funding will support demand in the Philippines and other locations for affordable, available academic supplemental instruction for K-12 students. 


Tutor offerings focus on math and English. After the platform’s initial launch in May, students signed up for over 1,000 classes with 100 hours of instruction completed. With over 1 million registered users, EDGE Tutor plans to develop more offerings and increase staffing with the funding.


Nas Academy Nets $12m in Fresh Funding

Nas Academy, a Singapore-based educational platform, received $12M US from investors. Contributors include larger-scale investors, cryptocurrency backers, venture capital firms, and private individuals.


Nas Academy offers content creation courses in both a conventional manner as well communities with peer-shared learning. These two outlets encourage students to solidify their work and strengthen newly learned skills. 


With worldwide student opportunities, the expansion will support interest and growth. The Academy is earmarking funds for expansion, research and development, recruiting, and Web3 enhancements. 

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