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Edtech Startup Creative Galileo Reaches New Heights With $10 Million in Funding


Everything You Need to Know In 60 Words

In addition to the $2.5 million raised by Creative Galileo last year, it has now raised another $7.5 million. The company plans to use the funds to grow its product offerings and build its team internationally. Creative Galileo’s ultimate goal is to make e-learning more fun, engaging, and accessible for young learners worldwide.

More About Edtech Startup, Creative Galileo

The founder, Prerna A Jhunjhunwala, started the company with a mission after working in the education space in India for several years. She realized there was a significant opportunity to use technology to make learning more interactive and effective, particularly amid the Covid 19 pandemic.


Jhunjhunwala said that they saw an opportunity to create a learning app for kids. They wanted to democratize education and used the power of tech and the internet to do so.

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Creative Galileo's ultimate goal is to make e-learning more fun, engaging, and accessible for young learners worldwide.

The company, founded in July 2020, has already seen a great deal of success with over 7 Million downloads on the app store and 700k+ monthly users, making it India’s #1 learning app for children ages 3-10 years old.


Creative Galileo uses features such as gamification, narrative videos, ebooks, and personal learning journeys that focus on six key learning areas including; language and literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development, world discovery, motor skill development, and aesthetic & creative expression.


On top of that, it allows parents to track their child’s progress, set difficulty levels, and do aptitude testing.


Investors included Kalaari Capital, Affirma Capital, East Ventures, Valiant Employee Investment Fund, and angel investors. 

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37% of this growth will be from the Asia-Pacific region. India and Japan will be the key countries driving this growth in the region. North America will also play a significant role in the development of the e-learning infrastructure market.

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