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Edtech Startup ‘Subject’ Raises $29 Million To Aid in Post-Pandemic Education


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Recently, a business startup has raised almost 30 million dollars to aid schools and teachers in low-income areas. This development is massive for underprivileged youths who desire a good education in a post-pandemic America.


The project’s co-founder says he is trying “to level the playing field” for those whose zip code dictates their education.

More About “Subject”

In late March, a startup located in Beverly Hills vowed to provide education to lower-income high schools and offered 50 accredited courses online. The courses range from essential maths and sciences to elite reading and writing and require only a low subscription fee.


After announcing their name change to the straightforward title “Subject,” the team revealed they had raised 29.4 million dollars in a series of funding efforts headed by Owl Ventures, a Silicon Valley company.


Thanks to additional efforts by SoftBank and Moving Capital, Subject’s funding cap has raised to almost 35 million dollars. They are now on a mission to partner with nearly 70 public, charter, and private school districts across the US. 


150 professors will teach the classes they offer with varying backgrounds and expertise, including NFT experience and financial knowledge. Classes will be recorded in a studio to make the production as close to a Netflix series as possible.


With these new resources, students can access a comprehensive catalogue of courses such as acting, calculus, biology, and more. This is a direct response to many schools having to do away with “non-essential” classes due to the pandemic’s devastating economic effects.

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The project's co-founder says he is trying "to level the playing field" for those whose zip code dictates their education.

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After a recent round of funding their leading investors committed to supplying 55 million dollars after an initial investment to get the ball rolling. Now, through several more rounds of raising money, they have hit the big time.


The company began with a simple app that helped hopeful Indian employees find their perfect job. After noticing a large discrepancy in education among many of the candidates in the tech industry, the founders created Scalar to provide them with crucial technological education.


Amphy has introduced a new design and UI to the largest live virtual course and event marketplace.


They hope that the new technology significantly improves the user experience.


Amphy can be proud of its creation after spending countless hours trying to bring this new upgrade to the masses as quickly as possible. The update features easier navigation when booking classes and a pleasing and colorful appearance for users taking virtual tours.


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