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Eyestem Raises $6.4M in Series a Round From Biological E, Alkem, Natco and Others


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Eyestem, a Bengaluru-based cell treatment business, raised $6.4 million in its Series A fundraising round. Leaders in this fundraising include NATCO, Alkem, Biological E. Limited, and the promoters of Karan Bagaria, Kemwell Biopharma, and Anurag. Eyestem’s total value is now $46.4 million.


For other scientific and medical organizations, this shows that India’s pharmaceutical companies want to provide support to research that will benefit the health of the country.

More About Eyestem

A team of experts in clinical research, ophthalmology, and regenerative medicine launched Eyestem in 2016. A board of directors governs the company, and it has partnered with top researchers in India, the UK, the US, and Japan.


The company’s long-term goal is to expand the availability of cutting-edge medical technology worldwide. It creates a globally accessible, sustainable platform for cell therapy to cure illnesses with no known cure. Eyecyte-RPE, the business’s flagship product, experimentally treats Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD).


However, the company also has other treatments underway to address other fatal diseases. According to their statement, they’re filing for a human trial for their product in cooperation with US FDA and CDSCO.


NATCO Pharma Limited has also collaborated with Eyestem. Their CEO, Rajeev Nannapaneni, said they’re delighted to work with Eyestem because of their pioneering work that addresses patients’ unmet requirements that make a significant impact on their quality of life.

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Eyestem’s total value is now $46.4 million.

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