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Hirsutism Cures: How to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females Naturally


The presence of facial hair is one of the key differentiating features between men and women. Often it is more socially acceptable for men to keep some facial hair, whereas it is the opposite for women. Hirsutism is a condition in which women develop excessive hair on the body, particularly on the face. This medical condition can often become a source of discomfort for women and cause a dent to women’s self-esteem and confidence. 


According to a study, hirsutism affects around 5-10% of women across the globe. There are multiple causes which can lead to the development of this dermatological condition. The primary cause of the condition is hyperandrogenism, i.e., the overproduction of hormones (androgens) in the body. However, drugs or metabolic syndromes can also lead to hirsutism. Idiopathic hirsutism (due to unknown causes) accounts for 5-10% of all hirsutism cases.


This article will discuss some simple tips and tricks regarding how to stop facial hair growth in women naturally. Keep reading to learn more!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hirsutism

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a condition characterized by hormonal imbalances in women. Benign cysts form in the ovaries that alter hormones’ production, leading to infertility and abrupt menstrual cycles. 


Research shows that PCOS is a significant cause of hirsutism. The co-occurrence of disorders seriously reduces the quality of life in women. Thus, it is vital to help affected ladies regain their facial beauty and confidence. 

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Ths medical condition can often be a dent to women's self-esteem and confidence

Natural Remedies to Stop Hair Growth In Women

Numerous pharmacological interventions can help with hirsutism, but how to stop facial hair growth in women naturally? Here are several solutions for you to try: 

Modify Your Diet

You may have heard the famous proverb you are what you eat. It is a fact that your diet has a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. Modifying the diet can make your body strong from the inside and help cut down the symptoms. There are several edible and drinkable items that have shown promising results in the management of hirsutism

Spearmint Tea

Overproduction of androgen hormones is the main culprit in hirsutism. Therefore, anything that resets the hormones back to normal can significantly change the course of the disease. Hirsute women must try spearmint herbal tea. A study found a noticeable decrease in testosterone and luteinizing hormones in hirsute women taking a cup of herbal tea for five days.


A controlled trial also concluded that spearmint is a potent anti-androgen and can be used as an alternative in the natural treatment of hirsutism. Thus, adding some spearmint tea to the diet can reduce facial hair.

Antioxidant Foods 

Antioxidant foods impart numerous health benefits. Appreciable alleviation of hirsutism symptoms was seen with antioxidant agents. PCOS women can take full advantage of antioxidants and vitamins. Berries (strawberries, blueberries, goji, raspberries) and bell peppers can be helpful. 

Add Supplements to Your Daily Routine

Various anti-androgen supplements can serve as a helpful natural remedy for hirsutism and unwanted hair growth.

Zinc Supplements 

It has been observed that obese PCOS patients have low serum zinc levels. Therefore, zinc supplementation was given in an attempt to manage symptoms. One study revealed that 50mg/day of zinc supplementation had a beneficial impact on hirsutism.

Inositol Supplements 

The sugar, i.e., inositol can act as an alternative treatment for PCOS-induced hirsutism. As per clinical studies, inositol can help you return from the hairy beast look. It not only reduces hirsutism but also improves metabolic profile in hirsute women. This treatment strategy is safe and positively reduces acne and hirsutism. 6 months of therapy can do wonders for your facial profile. 

Weight Managment

Obesity plays a crucial role in amping up hormonal disruptions and symptoms of PCOS. Overweight ladies suffer from a more severe form of PCOS, which manifests as facial hair. 


Several studies promote weight loss because it not only alleviates symptoms of hirsutism but also improves lipid profile and insulin resistance.


We know losing weight is not a walk in the park and requires much mental and physical effort. Working with a personal trainer can help fast-track your weight loss journey by receiving an individualized training plan and nutritional advice along with motivation, focus, and goal setting. If you want to get rid of your ugly facial hair, shed those unwanted extra KGs!

Sugaring and Waxing 

Waxing is the prevalent method of removing unwanted hair from the body. Plucking and waxing are commonly used to remove facial hair but are painful. If you want to know how to get rid of chin hair without pain, sugaring can aid in the removal of excessive facial hair with ease. 


You can prepare a sugaring paste with sugar, water, and lemons as ingredients. The sugar paste can effectively remove hair on the face, chin, and even for shaping eyebrows. 

Manage Stress Levels 

High stress and anxiety levels are linked to the aggravation of PCOS symptoms. Women suffering from PCOS have a higher chance of having severe perceived stress. The presence of thick facial hair significantly reduces the quality of life and induces depression/anxiety in the patients. Thus, you need to flush out stress from your body and mind. 


An effective way of lowering stress is meditation and yoga. Research shows that yoga can have strong anxiolytic effects. The problem is that most people are clueless about where and how to start yoga. Don’t worry! We got you covered. 

Use Homemade Face Masks 

Hirsutism induced by PCOS is almost always accompanied by acne. Acne and hirsutism are common clinical manifestations of hyperandrogenism. Thus, both symptoms go hand in hand. You can use natural face masks to get rid of undesired hair on the face. 

1. Egg and Cornstarch Mask

A facemask can be prepared by mixing an egg white with one tablespoon of cornstarch and sugar. 

2. Papaya Mask

You can prepare a papaya mask by mashing the fruit and mixing it in turmeric until a paste is formed. 

Apply the masks to your face. You can wash your face with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

It is also essential to follow a regular hair removal routine. Bleaching, shaving, and epilation are also used for removing facial hair. Depilatory creams can also help dissolve undesired hair.

The topical application of licorice has also shown its effectiveness in treating idiopathic hirsutism.

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Our Final Thoughts

On Amphy, you can also learn more about nutrition and other beauty tips. Nutrition basics sessions combined with extra knowledge about beauty and skincare can give you the power to step out more confidently in your own skin 

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