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How Much Is a Guitar: 33 Examples

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If you’re thinking about learning to play this popular instrument, here’s a good idea of what you can expect when looking to purchase a guitar. 

Playing guitar is one of the most exciting, stimulating, and beautiful acts a human being can attempt. If you want to dive into this marvelous musical world, there’s one question you need to ask: how much is a guitar, exactly?


Guitars range in price from very affordable to extremely expensive, so ultimately finding how much is a guitar will depend on how much you can afford to spend. In this article, we’ll show you 33 examples and demonstrate the answer as to how much is a guitar.

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How Much Is a Guitar’s Average Price?

How much is a guitar? Guitars vary quite tremendously depending on what you’re looking to buy. The price for a beginner’s acoustic guitar is between $100 and $300, while more advanced models will run between $400 and $900.

Electric and bass guitars tend to be more expensive. Most cost between $600 and $900. You can get electric and bass guitars with special features, which will also run up the price. 

Is It Hard To Learn Guitar?

The guitar can be challenging to learn at first because it entails developing hand/eye coordination, building an ear for music, and learning different chords. However, if you spend time with an attentive teacher or a good app, you should be off the ground in no time.


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What Is Considered a Cheap Guitar?

The cost of a guitar varies based on what type of guitar you want. Generally, though, a guitar is cheap if it costs less than $180.

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Electric and bass guitars tend to be more expensive. Most cost between $600 and $900.

Our List of Guitar Ideas for You

When trying to find the answer to, “How much is a guitar?”, you’ll probably consult a variety of sources. Here are just a few options of guitars that can give you an idea of the price. 

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are well-suited for beginners.

1. Jasmine S-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This beginner’s acoustic guitar is perfect for those on a budget, coming in at just over $100.

2. Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 

Epiphone is a legendary guitar maker, and at $150, the Songmaker DR-100 is a great entry point into that tradition.

3. Savannah SGD-10 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Savannah is an easy, low-maintenance guitar for fun. It’ll run you $149.99

4. Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F335 is an excellent piece of work from a craftsmanship perspective, which makes its $169 price point well worth it.


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5. Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Thinline Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

If you’re low on cash but want to level up to more serious playing, this Yamaha APXT2 model will get you there for just $209.

6. Yamaha FS800 Folk Acoustic Guitar

The classic look and beautiful sound of the Yamaha FS800 are enhanced by its strong low-to-mid range sound. It’ll run you $229.

acoustic guitar

7. Yamaha FX335C Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

We’re leveling into a more expensive realm of acoustic guitars here, with the $349 Yamaha FX335C.

8. Yamaha FS830 Small Body Acoustic Guitar

On top of classic colors from sunburst to woody brown, the Yamaha FS830 is a true beauty–and clocks in at $340.

9. D’Angelico Premier Series Gramercy CS Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst 

This guitar is appropriate for players of all skill levels, though its $399 price might be a tad high for fresh beginners.

10. Martin Special X Series Macassar Top Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Martin D-X1E is as beautiful to look at as it is to play, and its higher cost accompanies a more premium sound. It costs $549.

11. Breedlove Oregon Concert Sable CE Myrtlewood LTD Acoustic Electric Guitar Sable Burst

Besides being intensely beautiful, this guitar is great for acoustic play in concerts. Its price is $2899.

brown guitar

12. Taylor 724ce Koa Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you’re rocking an acoustic guitar on the road and have plenty of money to drop, this koa acoustic guitar might be for you–if you can pay the $3499.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars cost higher on average than acoustic guitars.

13. Ibanez AZ Essentials Electric Guitar

This beginner electric guitar will cost $299.

14. Schecter Guitar Research Omen Extreme-6 Electric Guitar

This beautiful vintage guitar levels up in cost to $500.

15. G&L Placentia ASAT Bluesboy Electric Guitar

This poplar-bodied guitar, complete with a beautiful vintage look, costs $449.

brown electric guitar

16. Gretsch Guitars G2627T Streamliner Center Block 3-Pickup Cateye With Bigsby Electric Guitar

This guitar is beautiful and has a high-quality sound, and costs $549.

17. Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar

The Epiphone Les Paul is a god amongst guitars, and ascending to this rock n’ roll Olympus will run you $649.

18. Fender Stratocaster HSS Ebony Fingerboard Limited-Edition Electric Guitar

Limited edition guitars like this one can be pricey, but for many, their slick look makes it worth it. This one runs between $799 and $1099.

19. Fender Player Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar

The Player Telecaster is an excellent electric guitar and costs $849.

20. PRS SE Silver Sky Electric Guitar

This is an excellent electric guitar for both beginners and intermediate players. It tends to cost around $849.

21. Epiphone 1961 Les Paul SG Standard Electric Guitar

This legendary Les Paul costs around $899.

22. Fender American Professional II Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar

This guitar busts out more premium features, and costs $1699.


23. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar

This hyper-powerful Les Paul will run you $2799.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitars are akin to acoustic guitars but have nylon strings instead of steel strings. 

24. Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar

This student guitar costs $139.

25. Cordoba Mini II MH Acoustic Guitar

This miniature classical guitar runs you $150.

26. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

This basic classical guitar costs $159.

27. Yamaha C40 Gigmaker Classical Acoustic Guitar Pack (Natural)

The C40 Gigmaker, which is complete with a suite of extras is great for beginners, costing just $199.

28. Cordoba C5-CET Classical Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

There’s a lot to love in this Spanish-style guitar, and you’ll get to enjoy it for just $462.

29. Cordoba C5-CET Thin body Spalted Maple Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

This thin, beautiful guitar costs just over $500.

30. Yamaha CG-TA TransAcoustic Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Perfect for a concert hall, this guitar costs $729.

31. Cordoba GK Studio Flamenco Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Want to play some flamboyant flamenco? For $749, you very well can!

32. Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE Crossover Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Blending Spanish traditionalism with modern aesthetics, this Cordoba crossover costs $899.

33. Cordoba C12 CD Classical Guitar 

For $2,099, this premium classical guitar can give you the whole nine yards when it comes to classical guitars.

Final Thoughts 

We hope this guide helps you find out how much a guitar is. Whether you’re looking to pay a small amount or drop a few thousand dollars, you’ll be sure to succeed in the world of the guitar as long as you have a good teacher by your side.

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