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What is Mensa IQ Test?

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The Mensa IQ test is an intelligence test by one of the most elite institutions in the world. This article will cover what the Mensa IQ test is and what the Mensa IQ test cover.


Have you ever wondered how your intelligence measures against the brightest minds in the world? If so, you may be interested in the Mensa test. This test measures your IQ via 35 multiple-choice questions. If you do well, you may have a chance to join Mensa. 


After reading this article, you will better understand the Mensa IQ test, such as what is included in the test, who can take it, and what it can mean for your life moving forward. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Table of Content

What is Mensa Test? 

Who Should Use Mensa Test? 

Why is Mensa Test Important? 

Is Mensa IQ Test Accurate?

What Does the Mensa Test Consist Of?

What IQ Do You Need to Be For Mensa? 

Things to Note About Mensa Test

Main Takeaways

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What is Mensa IQ Test?

The Mensa Test is an IQ test that Mensa administers. Mensa is a non-profit organization with members of high intelligence. It is the world’s largest and oldest IQ-based society, and members must prove that they have an IQ in the 98th percentile. 


While you don’t need to take Mensa’s test to join, theirs is one of the approved standardized tests for admission. 


It contains 35 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 25 minutes. All questions are visual patterns, starting with the easier questions and progressively getting harder. You do not need specialized knowledge, including trivia or math skills, to do the test. All questions are weighted equally, and every correct answer gives one point. 


There are two ways that you can take the Mensa test. One, the Mensa test is available on Mensa’s website for fun at any time. You can take the practice test as often as you want at no cost. 


However, the practice test provided on the website does not count toward Mensa membership. If you’re interested in joining, you must arrange an in-person test. 

If you want to take an IQ test online, check the quickiqest test.

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It is the world's largest and oldest IQ-based society, and members must prove that they have an IQ in the 98th percentile.

Who Should Use Mensa IQ Test?

The Mensa test can be for everyone. The test is for anyone curious about their IQ and how it stacks up against the greatest minds in the world. With the practice test freely available on their website, anyone can take the Mensa test whenever and as often as they like. 


The Mensa IQ test is also for anyone who believes they are of high IQ and are interested in joining Mensa. For this, you can arrange an in-person, supervised exam that will be similar to the Mensa test on the website, with different questions. 

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Why is Mensa IQ Test Important?

The Mensa test is a great way to have a baseline idea of your IQ. IQ is just one way to measure intelligence and is by no means the only way to measure intelligence. 


The Mensa test is also important because it is an IQ test that doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge. As all the questions are visual puzzles, you don’t need to know any previous facts about the sciences or humanities. You also don’t need any kind of mathematical skills. 


The Mensa test is just one way to join the organization of Mensa. You need to have an IQ of at least 132, depending on what test you take.

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Is Mensa IQ Test Accurate?

According to professionals, the Mensa IQ test is fairly accurate in finding your IQ. However, you may have some differences between taking the practice test online and the real test. This is because when you take the practice test, you are at home in your environment without the pressure of the real thing. When you take the test, you are in a supervised environment. 

Other accurate IQ tests include the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales.

What Does the Mensa IQ test Consist Of?

The current Mensa test is 35 multiple-choice questions that are entirely problems of visual puzzles. The test begins with the easiest questions and gets progressively more difficult as you go on. 


Of the 35 questions, all are weighed equally in the final score, with every correct answer giving you one point. 

Mensa IQ test

What IQ do You Need to Be For Mensa?

The Mensa website states that you must score in the 98th percentile of whatever test you take. This answer is because not all standardized intelligence tests are IQ tests. As we stated in a previous section, there are other means of scoring intelligence. 


As for an idea of what it means to be in the top 2% of testers, if you were to take the Stanford-Binet test, you would need a score of at least 132. Meanwhile, if you took the Cattell test, you would need a score of at least 148. 


The differences across tests are because not all tests are created equal, and some of the older tests, such as the Cattell test, may contain items that have been found to not be an accurate measure of intelligence. 


Accepting anyone who scores in the 98th percentile across all accepted standardized intelligence tests allows Mensa to standardize the admission process. 



Things to Note About Mensa IQ Test

This next section will give you a few extra notes about the Mensa Test.


  • One of the first things to note is that you don’t need to take the Mensa test to join Mensa. Mensa has a short list of standardized IQ and intelligence tests you can take to join the society. Mensa standardizes its test scores by taking anyone in the 98th percentile of the accepted standardized intelligence tests. So if there is another test that is more available in your area, by all means, try for that one instead. 


  • If you want to join Mensa, you must take intelligence in an official, supervised environment. Even if you get a perfect score on their online practice test, it does not count until you do the supervised test. 


  • While the online Mensa test is free, if you want to take the official test, you will need to pay a registration fee of $90 at the time of writing this article. Fees may be subject to change in the future. There is also a student discount so that students with valid IDs from accepted schools (high school, university, or college) can pay just a $70 fee. Other standardized tests may have their fee.


  • Mensa has a website for every country that they are in. You can find a Mensa test in your language on your country’s website. You will also find a list of testing sites and other Mensa test information from your country’s website.

Main Takeaways

If you have always dreamed of joining Mensa, or you just want to test your intelligence score, then the Mensa test may be right for you. You can take the Mensa test today on the Mensa website for free for an idea of how you would do the real thing. 


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