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What Is My IQ? The Best IQ Tests To Find Out the Results

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Have you ever wondered about just how smart you are? The other day, I was thinking – what is my IQ? Luckily, there are plenty of IQ tests you can take online to find out more about your intelligence and how your brain works.


It’s important to know your IQ so that you can figure out what type of career to pursue. It can help you find out whether you can ace that interview for your dream job. Also, an explanation of the IQ scale will give you an idea of what areas to improve when trying to get into college.


After reading the article below, you will know the best websites and IQ tests to take to get results for your particular IQ score. In the first part of the article, you will learn more about the IQ test and the history of the test. As you keep reading, you will find out the best IQ tests available, where to take them online, and the average IQ score.

What Is My IQ?

If you’re wondering what your IQ is, you’ll need to take a test. The average IQ score in the United States reached 98. Generally, about 68 percent of people have an IQ that ranges from 85 to 115. 


A very small number of people have a low IQ under 70, while others may have a very high IQ above 130. If you’re like most people, you will likely get a score of around 100. Your score is likely to range from 85 to 115.


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It's important to know your IQ so that you can figure out what type of career to pursue

What Is the IQ Test?

The IQ test is an assessment that analyzes your intellect and cognitive capabilities. The test provides a score that defines your potential and overall intelligence. IQ tests are also some of the most common psychological examinations taken.


The term IQ stands for intelligence quotient. Mensa International is an organization with members who score in the top 2 percent of an IQ test. 


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What Is My IQ Testing Option? The Best Tests Available

You will find that the Internet has numerous testing options to determine your IQ score. The best part is that you will find plenty of FREE IQ testing options online. When looking for the best possible IQ test out there, a few options you can check out include:


Rubix cube

What Is My IQ Testing Location? Can I Take the Test In-Person?

If you’re looking to take a more official IQ test, you will need to choose an in-person testing option. The official IQ test is administered in a controlled area using a specialized testing service. However, such a test has high costs since the examiner needs to get paid. Also, the fees cover the materials required for the IQ test.

Who Should Use IQ Tests

Schools and the educational system generally use IQ tests to determine the capabilities of students. It helps school systems determine whether certain children need special education classes or would benefit from going to a specialized school for geniuses. 


Companies can also use IQ tests to determine whether adults have any cognitive delays or need extra help in certain subjects. 

Why Is the IQ Test Important?

The IQ test is rather important in the education system. In particular, the IQ test gets used to measure reasoning and problem-solving skills among students. The IQ scores help place students in specific educational programs or help assess whether a child has mental disabilities.


Furthermore, for particular occupations and positions, the IQ score is used to evaluate a candidate. A job application may request you to list your IQ score or take an IQ test.

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What Is Einstein’s IQ?

Many consider Albert Einstein one of the most intelligent people who ever lived. Albert Einstein’s IQ is estimated to have hit 160. However, that doesn’t mean he had the highest IQ out there. For instance, the Hungarian chess master Judit Polgár has an IQ of 170.


Generally, people who have a background in physics and gained their Ph.D. in the subject have very high IQ scores. 


Is 150 a Good IQ Score?

150 is an incredibly good IQ score. Very few people worldwide can get a score that high. Those who have IQ scores ranging from 145 to 159 are classified as highly gifted. When your score reaches above 115 but below 129, you’re considered above average and bright. Those who score from 130 to 144 have a moderately gifted background.

What Is the IQ of Elon Musk?

The estimated IQ score of Elon Musk is between 150 and 155. That means he is highly gifted and potentially considered a genius. Essentially, Elon Musk is one of the most intelligent living people in the world. His intelligence may play a major part in his success and wealth. Musk has made a significant impact on technological advancements and electric vehicles.

What Is the History of the IQ Test?

French psychologists Alfred Binet and Théodore Simon first developed the IQ test in 1905. The test allowed them to assess students’ cognitive abilities. In particular, these students were having difficulty with school subjects. 


Binet and Simon measured students’ memory, problem-solving skills, and attention abilities. Afterward, Stanford University psychologist Lewis Terman standardized the Binet-Simon IQ Test with a group of American subjects. That new test is known as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales exam.

The Best IQ Tests

So, what are the best IQ tests available? Generally, testing services offer the absolute best ones. You will need to take these tests in person. The best IQ tests include:


  • The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale test
  • The Mensa practice test
  • The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales test
  • The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities test

Where To Find IQ Tests Online

One of the best online IQ tests includes the Quick IQ Test. Another place to go online and take an excellent IQ test is Here, you can take the Brain Metrics Initiative (BMI) Certified IQ Test.

Things To Note About IQ Tests

It is possible for IQ tests to measure a person’s intelligence wrongly. That can lead to issues like a decrease in confidence and an inaccurate understanding of the test taker’s potential.

Main Takeaways

Now, it’s time to pick your favorite IQ test online and take the test. You’ll soon know the answer to the question – what is my IQ? Find out whether your score is higher or lower than the average score of 98 in the United States. 


If you score in the top 2 percent of test-takers, you may even join the Mensa International organization. If you want to learn more about why the IQ test matters, read on about the history of the exam

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