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26 Places To Find The Best Personal Coach In The World

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Far too often, we tend to lose our way in life. They can mean a misstep in a career or problems in a relationship. Everyone has obstacles to overcome. A smart approach is to work out the issues with a personal coach.


A personal or life coach is an objective listener who offers advice without judgment to help you launch a business and get you back on track for success.  

Here are 26 places to find the best personal coach to match your needs:

1. Amphy

On Amphy, it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you seek out a personal coach. They offer live online lessons 24/7. One of the site’s most popular platforms is its well-being section. That is where you will find a wide assortment of online coaching classes.

2. Blush

The network of trainers and counsellors found on Blush practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That helps target an individual’s emotional problem areas. It then provides motivational interviews that help clients regain control of their lives.

3. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby has built a name for herself as a bestselling author and international motivational speaker. Her goal is to make education accessible to everyone who seeks it out. Her coaching website is a portal to resourceful blogs and other resources.

4. Mel Noakes

Mel embraces self-care in her coaching practice. Her support is female-centric, intending to empower women to live their best lives.

5. Daniel Magena

Dan is the creative force behind the “Do It With Dan” podcast series. That gives him a global reach with his message of healing for folks who find themselves in a dark place. The source of his coaching comes from his struggles with suicidal thoughts that he has overcome.

6. Your Online Life Coach

Certified life coach Shelly Lynott runs this site. She is a hypnotherapist that focuses on trauma recovery. Shelly also supports anyone wanting to take their business to the next level or mend a broken relationship.

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Far too often, we tend to lose our way in life

7. Louis Morris

Louis’s area of expertise is in relationships. He focuses on helping couples create healthier environments for their relationships to flourish. In addition to his coaching work, Louis also serves up a successful podcast incorporating his wisdom.

8. David Ball

David’s clients are exclusively men searching for practical ways to overcome barriers. In addition, he helps break down stereotypes that become obstacles for men who need inspiration and motivation.

9. Tanya Armstrong

Tanya understands how loss and grief can mire a person and prevent them from moving forward. She builds on her journey through grief to help others through workshops and one-on-one counselling sessions.

10. Growing Self

Growing Self is a coaching service that works out of Denver, Colorado. The site provides access to licensed counsellors and some of the best personal coaches worldwide. Their particular areas of interest are repairing broken marriages and helping business professionals find success.

11. Patrice Washington

Patrice dedicates her personal coaching to helping women achieve financial success and independence. She refers to her approach as “purpose fulfillment prosperity.” She is happy to share success stories from her clients as a way of offering inspiration to those who seek out her help.

12. Shannon Wilkinson

Shannon wants all of her clients to “create the life they desire.” That starts with building on a spark of motivation that grows into a clear path toward success. Then, it is all about removing those blocks that stand in the way of achieving goals.

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13. Lindsay Rose

Lindsay is a survivor of childhood trauma and an abusive relationship. Those experiences give her a keen insight into what it takes to break from destructive cycles and find success. Her goal is to get clients to shift away from a debilitating mindset and embrace empowering thinking.

14. Tony Robbins

Tony stands at the top of successful personal coaches. He continues to help individuals through his bestselling self-help books and workshops. He also offers private coaching sessions that help clients zero in on core issues. That leads to a new life road map to follow.

15. Joanna Martin

Dr. Martin is proud to have helped over 120,000 clients from all over the globe. She also coaches the coaches. That puts her advice in a league of its own.

16. Dominique Ara

Dominique has a mission to help professionals transform the way they do business. She provides the tools they need to reach their full potential regardless of their chosen profession.

17. Ella Alexandria

Ella has created a heart-centred approach to coaching. As a Holistic Life Systems Coach, she devotes her talents to helping men and women seek their “Divine Power.” Ella hosts workshops and retreats.

18. LifeCoach

The LifeCoach website features a team of certified coaches and online courses. Each client who signs up starts with a private phone call assessment. The goals LifeCoach helps with are in the areas of relationships, financial independence, and career happiness.

19. Daniel Mangena

Daniel is happy to share his struggles with his clients to inspire them to achieve their very best lives. He is an international speaker and a strong proponent of entrepreneurial philanthropy.

20. Hannah Beko

Hannah’s coaching expertise is for lawyers who suffer from career burnout. But, as a lawyer herself, Hannah knows this world. That gives her a keen insight into how to help attorneys take their careers to the next level.

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21. Leah Brathwaite

Leah has put her unique mentorship approach into her Live Free Lifestyle brand. That encompasses many supportive online courses and private coaching dedicated to positive mindset reprogramming.

22. Online Therapy

Online Therapy is a web portal that connects individuals with personal coaches instantly. That is where you can set up online sessions to help with everything from anxiety to marriage problems.

23. Cody Higgs

Cody dedicates her coaching abilities to teens and young adults dealing with life stress. She also supports members of the LGBTQ+ community who want help navigating through their struggles.

24. Matthew Kimberly

Matthew wants small business owners to succeed. His passion for entrepreneurship is a practical approach to helping start-ups fulfill all their business goals.

25. Jake & Whitney Roehl

As a married couple, Jake and Whitney offer a unique approach to life coaching. They help couples and individuals climb out of the ruts they find themselves stuck in. Their faith-based practice helps their clients unlock their full potential.

26. One Mind Therapy

Licensed marriage and family therapist Elizabeth Sockolov is the founder of One Mind Therapy. That provides online or phone sessions that start with a free 20-minute consultation.


There are many options to find the best personal coach for your goals. It will be easy to access whether that help is online or in person.

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