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Best 23 Sales Training Programs and Courses

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From gaining access to the right decision makers to qualifying prospects, salespeople deal with a number of barriers between the moment they generate a lead and close a sale.


Whether you’re thinking about a career in sales or want to learn more about sales to succeed as an entrepreneur, there are sales training programs designed to teach you proven strategies.


Taking a strategic approach to sales and focusing on methods that work will increase your ROI. You can learn how to identify the prospects who are the most likely to make a purchase, keep them engaged, and deliver the information that will help them make the best decision possible.


As a salesperson, you need to develop a wide range of skills, including communication, active listening, copywriting, negotiation, and more. Sales training programs can help you acquire and hone these skills.


You can also learn how to use tech tools to automate some aspects of the sales process. For instance, the best 15 business analytics courses online will teach you how to use data to build a better sales funnel. You can also learn how to use a CRM platform, automated email lists, and more.


While tech tools can be valuable, it takes more to succeed as a salesperson. Read on to learn more about the best sales training programs you can enroll in to learn everything you need to know about connecting with prospects and building relationships based on trust and value.

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What Kind of Training Do Salespeople Need?

A salesperson needs strong communication skills. They should be able to listen to a prospect’s pain point and present a product or service as a solution. Storytelling skills can help make a sales pitch sound more engaging and feel more personalized.


It’s also important for salespeople to be comfortable with digital tools since 83% of B2B buyers prefer conducting sales activities online.

What Is the Best Way to Become a Successful Salesperson?

You’ll need a mix of training and hands-on experience. Sales training programs will help you build a strong foundation by teaching you about the best strategies to use.


You can then apply these strategies in real-life situations by reaching out to prospects and figuring out how to tailor these strategies to your target audience. Further training will help you perfect your skills and keep up with the latest trends.

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What Are the Most Common Approaches in Sales?

You’ll come across different philosophies when learning about sales. Script-based sales rely on sales pitches to grab a prospect’s attention. This method is somewhat outdated but can work for impulse buys.


Most modern sales training programs focus on need-based sales. With this approach, the salesperson listens to a prospect’s needs before presenting a product as a solution.


Consultative selling goes further. The salesperson takes on the role of a consultant and helps the prospect identify their needs and challenges.

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As a salesperson, you need to develop a wide range of skills, including communication, active listening, copywriting, negotiation, and more.

Our List of the Best 23 Sales Training Programs For You

Take your career in sales to the next level with these sales training programs.

#1 How to Run a Sales Call

Calling prospects can be intimidating. This sales call course goes over how to conduct successful sales calls that engage prospects and generate interest in your products and services.

#2 Learn How to Find Prospects

How do you generate leads? If you struggle with finding quality leads, this prospecting class will walk you through the process of identifying prospects and connecting with them.

#3 Client Meetings

Even though digital sales are becoming the new normal, face-to-face meetings can help you stand out. Learn how to conduct a successful in-person meeting with this sales class.

#4 Lead Generation on Social Media

With 4.59 billion users, social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation. This sales class will teach you how to turn your social media presence into an effective sales funnel.


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#5 Customer Service

Did you know that selling to existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones? Keep your existing customers satisfied and coming back for more with this customer service class.

#6 Negotiation Skills

From offering customized bundles to discussing pricing, negotiation skills are important in sales. This class will go over the most effective negotiation strategies in the business world.

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#7 Sales and Business Development

This advanced class explores business development and sales strategies to help your business grow.

#8 Business English

Learn to communicate with prospects and team members effectively with this business English class that focuses on sales.

#9 Learn to Create Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a page or other type of online content that continuously generates leads. Learn how to craft successful lead magnets with this advanced class.

#10 Focus on Leadership

Supercharge your team is a fun and engaging online class that will help you become a better leader. Apply what you learn to motivate your sales team and increase your ROI!


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#11 Compliance

Some industries have strict compliance requirements regarding the claims you can make about your products. Explore this complex topic with an introduction to compliance course.

 #12 Content Writing

Learn how to connect with your audience by creating eye-catching copy with this content writing class.

#13 Save Time With ChatGPT

Writing quality content takes time. Find out how you can use the AI-powered platform ChatGPT to streamline your writing process.

#14 Learn to Tell Stories

The best marketers are those who tell stories. Storytelling can show the advantages of a product or service and help prospects project themselves. Learn the basics of storytelling for marketing with this online course.

#15 Learn From Your Data

The data you collect about prospects and customers can help you build a better sales funnel. Learn how with this analytics class.

#16 Become a Project Manager

Do you work with a team? If yes, you could benefit from taking this Project Management Institute class where you’ll learn about project management and earn a certification.

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#17 Selling Abroad

Extend your horizons and start selling to an international audience with this Japanese business class.

#18 Preparing Before Negotiating

Winning over a difficult client is all about preparation. This class will provide you with some proven strategies you can use to prepare before negotiating with a prospective client.

#19 Focus on the Right Products

Increase your ROI by adding the right products to your sales portfolio. This class will teach you how to review and evaluate products.

#20 Entrepreneurship

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs who share realistic strategies you can implement to boost sales and grow your business.

#21 Selling on Instagram

Instagram is emerging as a popular eCommerce platform thanks to the Instagram Shopping feature. This Instagram marketing class is a great starting point if you want to focus on this platform.

#22 Start a Side Business

Sales can be a lucrative activity, but many salespeople launch a side business before focusing on selling as a full-time career. Learn more about what launching a side business entails with this class.

#23 Learn to Tell Better Stories

Taking an audience-centric approach can improve your communication and storytelling skills. Learn how to make your sales pitches more compelling with this innovative storytelling class.

Final Thoughts

From learning to craft quality digital content to identify the right prospects, a successful salesperson needs to master a wide range of skills. These classes are an excellent starting point for someone who is new to sales but don’t forget that hands-on experience is crucial for developing these skills further.

Whether you’re new to sales or consider yourself a lifelong learner, there are more online resources to consider:


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