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Success Story of Unacademy — An Online Learning Platform


Keep reading to learn more about Unacademy and its changing online learning platforms.

Everything You Need to Know in 27 Words

Unacademy, a small YouTube tutoring channel, has skyrocketed in valuation and followers. The increased popularity has resulted in many other free online learning programs. 

More About Unacademy

Since its founding in 2015, Unacademy has enjoyed a meteoric rise. The learning platform went from a two billion dollar valuation in 2020 to a $3.4 billion valuation in 2021. The success of Unacademy proves that e-learning is a hot market that is here to stay.


What started as a small YouTube channel created by Gaurav Munjal as a way to tutor his classmates has grown to be India’s largest learning platform.  


As of 2022, Unacademy has 800,000 paid subscribers and over 50,000 subscribers. The e-learning service has also created three apps and acquired multiple companies.

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The success of Unacademy proves that e-learning is a hot market that is here to stay.


The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated online learning as many of us traded IRL classroom learning for online learning. Though many have returned to in-class learning, this has not slowed the growth of online learning. 


And for a good reason, online education has several benefits, such as learning at your own pace from anywhere in the world. So it’s no wonder E-learning is projected to grow to a $400 billion market by 2026.


The growth of Unacademy has led to an explosion of technology and innovation in the industry. With many educational platforms popping up looking to capitalize on the same success had by Unacademy. E-learning platforms have developed new ways to improve user experience and learning.

With companies like Amphy changing the way users book online events and courses. Amphy borrowed an old feature from the social media platform TikTok to improve user experience.

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Related Industry Developments

Here are some other developments in this industry.


Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality


Many schools are looking for ways to improve and transform traditional learning. Technology is being used in education and changing the learning experience. Business schools are embracing ed-tech. Many schools are utilizing virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence to help improve their students’ learning experience. VR allows students to get an in-class feel in the comfort of their home, while AI helps personalize students’ courses.


Can Tech Boost Reading?


Could technology help eradicate illiteracy? Well, that’s the hope of educators. The following article discusses a possible application of technology in education. AI may be a promising solution to improving literacy. While not yet a reality, educators hope this technology could help reshape future classrooms and enhance learning. The goal is to incorporate AI into the classroom to help improve students’ reading skills. Students would use speech recognition software that would listen to students read and identify areas of weakness.

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