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Top 13 Places for Life Coaching Online That Will Change Your Life

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In these tumultuous times, you may be wondering how to move forward and make progress in your personal life, career, or both. People worldwide use online life coaching to improve their relationships, increase their self-confidence, and enhance their careers. 


If you feel like your personal life or career is struggling, check out these 13 best platforms to find the perfect life coach.

1. Blush

Blush has a network of trained counselors trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solution-focused theory. Each mindset coach uses mentoring skills and motivational interviewing to identify problem areas and increase your self-esteem to take control. 


Starting at $179 a month, you have access to unlimited chat and video sessions. It only takes five minutes to sign up, and then Blush will pair you with your coach. After your first month, you can choose to lower your plan to $99 a month if you switch to a video-only or chat-only plan. 

2. Amphy

Amphy is a 24/7 live online lessons marketplace with expert teachers in every subject imaginable. The platform has an entire section dedicated to well-being, including online life coaching classes. 



Scroll through their online coaches to find the perfect fit for you. Amphy is ideal for those looking for varying prices and includes classes from 100% free up to hundreds of dollars. It’s free to join the site; only pay for the lessons and one-on-one sessions you choose to take. 

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Life can be challenging, and we all experience moments where it might feel impossible to make the next move.

3. Your Online Life Coach

Your Online Life Coach is a website owned by Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Shelly Lynott. Shelly specializes in trauma, relationships, health, lifestyle, business, and competitive athletes.


You can schedule a free discovery call to have a conversation and see if Shelly is a good fit for you. Your Online Life Coach offers custom pricing, and you must schedule an initial consultation to go over prices and payment options. 

4. Growing Self

Growing Self is a Denver, Colorado-based coaching service, but they have licensed counselors and coaches worldwide ready to offer online life coaching. Growing self specializes in marriage counseling, personal growth, and professional development.


Schedule a free consultation in-person or online and find out if it’s the right choice. The Growing Self website provides many free resources with expert advice and personality quizzes. 

5. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a famous life and business strategist who has built an empire of expertly trained coaches who can help you take your relationships and career to the next level.


Tony Robbins’ coaches specialize in business, results, health, and life. Schedule a free 30-minute coaching session with a strategist and learn about the custom pricing plans. 

6. LifeCoach

LifeCoach has a team of highly trained, certified coaches and several life-changing online courses. You will get personalized one-on-one phone calls when hiring a private life coach through this platform. 


LifeCoach provides affordable online courses covering love, relationships, financial freedom, careers, and happiness. Enroll in a class or take the free Coachability quiz to see if private life coaching is right for you. 

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7. Online Therapy

Online Therapy is a worldwide directory that connects you with your perfect therapist or mindset coach in minutes. You can find specialized online therapy for relationships, anxiety, marriage, veterans, social workers, Christians, and suicide prevention. 


Find a therapist or coach for in-person sessions or online; narrow down your search by specialty, location, faith, and gender. The payment amount and frequency will vary by individual, and most require a custom pricing plan by scheduling a consultation. 

8. Allison Task

Allison Task is an online life and career coach offering programs to fit your lifestyle and individual needs. Allison specializes in many areas, whether you need extra support for significant life changes like starting a family or you want advice on how to transition careers. 


You can schedule an introductory session with Allison to see if a life coach is what you need. The intro session lasts for 60 minutes via Zoom and costs $395. If you decide to move forward, you can pick a program package starting at $800. 

9. One Mind Therapy

One Mind Therapy is a therapy practice owned by Elizabeth Sockolov in California. Elizabeth is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a physical office in Petaluma. However, she also offers life coaching sessions online or by phone to people worldwide.


To gain support for clinical or personal development issues, schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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10. Sunny Life Coach

Kathleen Tucka, an award-winning personal, career, and business coach, is Sunny Life Coach’s owner. Kathleen coaches individuals and small business owners on achieving their dreams and living the life they want.


Choose a flexible session that works for you: phone, Zoom, text, or email. A 30-minute phone or Zoom session costs $65, and a text or email session costs $35.

11. Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub is a coach directory and matching service specializing in finding the right coach for you. Sign up and choose an issue you need help with, then Life Coach Hub will send out your request, and certified coaches will respond with how they can help. When you find one you like, schedule a free consultation. 

12. Naya Clinics

Naya Clinics is a Denver-based practice that offers individual online counseling, marriage counseling, and life coaching from the comfort of your home. Learn how to navigate life after Covid, get through depression, or boost your self-esteem.


Schedule a 50-minute session for $200. Then, pick a convenient day and time for your specialized counseling or coaching and pay online. 

13. Kris Verle

Kris Verle is an online life and accountability coach that helps individuals design an exciting and meaningful future. Schedule online sessions with Kris via Zoom or Skype and find your greater sense of purpose.


After an initial consultation, you will work together to develop a coaching program that works for you with custom payment options that begin at $615 for five 60-minute sessions.

Bonus: CoachCompare

CoachCompare is your ultimate destination for finding the ideal life coach. With its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of top-quality coaching websites, it’s never been easier to connect with a coach who perfectly suits your needs.


Whether you’re looking for guidance in career advancement, relationships, health, or overall life balance, CoachCompare provides a seamless experience, allowing you to browse through diverse profiles and select the coach that resonates with you. 


Choose an Online Life Coach Today

Life can be challenging, and we all experience moments where it might feel impossible to make the next move. Check out these online life coaches if you feel that you might need a push in the right direction in various aspects of your life. 

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