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What Programming Language Should I Learn?


In today’s world, we rely on technology to do almost everything. Programming languages like Python and C++ are used to develop apps, software, and browsers. It’s no surprise that these languages and more are in high-demand. 


With plenty of opportunities in programming, many people are looking to get into the field. If you are here, you are most likely asking the question, “what programming language should I learn?”


When talking about technology programming, we have to start with the basics of what it is. Deciding which one of these programming languages to learn is the first step in picking your technology programming career path. 


So, if you’re looking for the answer to “what programming language should I learn?” that’s where this article comes in.


We will discuss the different programming languages, what they are for, and how they are utilized in the real world. Keep reading for this definitive guide to “what programming language should I learn” to help you get one step closer to the career of your dreams. 

Table of Contents

  • What is Programming Language? 
  • What is Programming Language Used For? 
  • How Many Programming Languages Are There? 
  • What are the Five Main Programming Languages Used For? 
  • How to Learn Programming Languages 
  • Recap

What Is Programming Language? 

To understand which programming language is the best to learn, one must first understand what programming language is. 


Defining a programming language as simply as possible – programming language is the grammatical rules, words, numbers, and graphs used to tell a computer to perform a specific function. Programming language is what you input into a computer to make it do what you want. It is a computer language that is how we speak to computers and how they speak to each other. 


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quotation marks

Programming language is what you input into a computer to make it do what you want.

What Are Programming Languages Used For? 

Programming languages are for everything that has to do with the function of a program. 


This programming language is responsible for getting the program to do what it needs to do. For example, if you are creating a computer game and want your character to be able to dance, you would input a programming language into the coding of your game to make that character dance. 


Programming language is also used to create websites. The design, structure, and function of any website depends on the programming language used to create it. 


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Another more serious example, in a medical setting programming language, would be input into a program to detect how a patient’s heart is beating. Changes in the heartbeat, however slight, would be detected by the computer in use. This is because it was programmed using a programming language to detect those changes. 

How Many Programming Languages Are There? 

Think of Programming Languages as the languages spoken around the world. 


Thousands of computer programming languages have been created. Though, like spoken languages, a few of these programming languages are the most frequently used.


These five most commonly used programming languages are what we will discuss here. ‘The five’ as they are often called, open the doorway to the other thousands of programming languages used less. 

what programming language should i learn

What Are the Main Five Programming Languages Used For? 

The five main programming languages are as follows:


  • Java: Java is a programming language most commonly used for apps. Java is used to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chat Tools. 
  • Python: Python is most often used for developing software. Python is utilized for organizational tools, such as financial tracking software.
  • PHP: PHP is the programming language you use to create web servers. Big platforms with a lot of traffic and users, like Social Media servers, use PHP. 
  • C++: Similar to Python, C++ is used to develop software for browsing and different gaming systems. 
  • R: R is the programming language most often used for organizing data. It deals with statistics and numbers and can organize all the data efficiently and neatly. 


Choosing one or more of the main five is the first step in the direction of your technological career. So, how do you decide which programming language to learn? 


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Career Examples

  • Medical Field: According to LinkedIn, Python is most commonly used in the medical field, as it is constantly evolving, but keeps things organized. 
  • Game Design: If you are looking at a career in Game Design, learning C++ will help you tremendously, as it is most commonly used in game development, especially by big gaming companies. 
  • Accounting: If you are interested in an accounting career, learning R or Python is going to be helpful for you. These programming languages are designed to organize large amounts of messy data, so it can be viewed, and used, efficiently. 


Learning a combination of programming languages will give you an edge when it comes to getting into your desired career field. 


So, when considering which programming language to learn, consider the possibility of learning more than one. 

How To Learn Programming Language

Now that you know what the main five programming languages are used for, you might wonder how to learn them. It seems like a lot of information and can feel overwhelming, but do not panic. 


Each of these programming languages has extensive courses available that give in-depth education on each one. So, that you can learn one programming language or all of them, depending on what career field you are looking at. 


Taking these courses is an inexpensive way to make your resume stand out. Having this knowledge will make you a prime candidate for many job opportunities. 


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what programming language should i learn


Programming languages are becoming a must-have skill in the job market of today. So many things, from games to social media, to the basic organization of data files, rely on these computer programming languages. 


Deciding which programming language you should learn depends on what you want to do career wise. It is never a bad idea, however, to learn more than one programming language, as the five overlap in some instances and rely on each other. 


There are many affordable educational courses available to learn these programming languages. Giving you the confidence you need to present your resume to any prospective employer, presenting yourself as a capable individual. 


You have got this! 

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