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Why Corporate Face Yoga?


Within the corporate world, many of us often work long hours, sat at a desk hunched over a laptop or with a phone pressed to our ears, looking down at a blue screen. How many times have you skipped a break and a meal due to the digital demands of your workload? Working within the corporate world , many of us hold a lot of tension in our face, jaw, neck and shoulders. 


By releasing tension in these areas, the body feels lighter and opens to increasing efficiency.


If your reading this now on your mobile or computer, STOP. Close your eyes and take a moment to connect with your mind and body. How does it feel closing your eyes? How are you breathing? Shallow , deeply? Do you notice any tension, aches and stress points?

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Over time, these erratic work habits can take a toll on your mind and body which manifest as stress, anxiety, tension and sickness

Over time, these erratic work habits can take a toll on your mind and body which manifest as stress, anxiety, tension and sickness. BUT when do we STOP and TREAT our wellness needs? 


Holistic Wellbeing is gaining more and more mileage in the current times based on the notion that the holistic merits of yoga can benefit people in managing stressful work situations effectively, enhance productivity, and maintain overall wellness.


A number of studies have shown that yoga techniques may help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga practices including face yoga can enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.  


What Is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a natural way of feeling and looking younger through a combination of methods which move, stretch and relax muscles.


The term “Yoga” is where most people get confused. Yoga is just a catchy way to say exercises that stretch the muscles on your face, neck and upper chest. 


Face Yoga techniques are all stand alone so can easily be incorporated even into the busiest of lifestyles. They can be performed sitting, standing, laying down and all you need is your hands. 


Face yoga is far easier to perform in a corporate environment , even easier from a work from home setting. Face yoga can be performed easily at a desk, walking around and sat in a chair, no need for large areas of space and mats.

Why consider Learning Face Yoga ?

* Reduced Stress – releasing tension and feel-good hormones like endorphins can promote a feeling of well-being. This can lead to increased levels of energy, clarity, and mental alertness


* Increased Confidence – when you feel and look your very best, this translates into positive behaviors which can generate a better attitude towards the workplace.


* Improved Posture – becoming aware of your posture helps minimize aches, pains and strains. 


* Better Immunity – working the the circulation and lymphatic system can help boost the immune system. 


* Increased Focus – support your mind and body to make vital decisions at work and in daily life easily.


* Improved Breathing – conscious breathing or proper breathing which can infuse renewed energy and stimulate both the mind and the body.


For many of us , sitting at a desk is when we hold most of our tension throughout the day.  Working with computers and phones create many stress related expressions in our face. Shoulders tend to start raising up towards the ears causing a slouched posture snd uneven seated position. Poor posture can cause permanent damage to our body and effects how we age. 


Here are 5 easy at desk face yoga exercises that can be done at any time throughout your working day. Or intentionally take yourself on a 5 minute break, away from distractions to perform these exercises. You can perform these exercises while the kettle boils! 


Make sure you have clean hands, ideally clean face but these are all make up friendly face yoga moves as I understand removing your make up at work isn’t convenient. 


Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Check your posture, ensure shoulders are down and back, be intentional with each technique, and breathe. 


Conscious Breathing 

Swan Neck 

Center Eyebrow Sweep 

Flirty Eyes 

Jaw Sweep 

Watch Now


You might go to fitness classes, to let of stream, distress and get a strong, healthy body …but do you ever exercise your face? 


In the same way as our bodies need exercise to stay healthy and fit, the 58 muscles in the face can be exercised too to promote a natural, surgery-free alternative to a face lift. 


I’m ready to help you feel and look your very best through holistic skincare practices which focus on an inside out approach.


Skincare = Lifestyle.


Step away from ‘traditional’ skincare. Step into a revolutionary skincare approach which focuses on your personal wellbeing, not your product stash. Build a personalized skincare ritual which can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. 

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