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Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is a valuable tool for any business professional, whether you are looking for a new job, trying to get your foot in the door with a company you admire, or want to network with others in your industry.


The benefits of having a LinkedIn account are vast, but many people overlook the value that it can bring to their lives. So, why use LinkedIn?


The answer is simple, LinkedIn is a professional social media site, whereas Facebook and Twitter are for socializing. On Facebook or Twitter, you share what is going on in your life with your friends and family.


On LinkedIn, you share business-relevant information with others who have similar backgrounds and knowledge as you. Let’s find out more about this powerful resource.

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The connection between LinkedIn and company growth has seen extensive analysis.

What Is LinkedIn?

You most likely have heard of LinkedIn, which came into being in 2003. But what is LinkedIn used for? And why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn started as a social media platform for businesses and networking but continues to grow with additional features to create engaging business profiles.

A LinkedIn profile is your professional face on the Internet. It allows others to:

  • Search for you by keywords or name
  • Find out what company you work for
  • Find out what you do
  • View your educational background
  • See who you have worked for in the past
  • Send a message to you privately

It is the perfect way to expand your network – whether that’s making new professional contacts or getting in touch with former coworkers or classmates. Get in touch with others now working in the industry you hope to join.

Some people do not use LinkedIn because they think it is just another website that needs to be updated. If you have been doing this, then stop! 

People often look at the “most viewed profiles” because it shows who is getting the most attention. LinkedIn is the perfect way to promote yourself and network with others.

Who Uses LinkedIn?

Almost half of all 675 million LinkedIn users visit it monthly, and it is the most popular site among Fortune 500 companies. That is a lot of people looking at their profiles!

If you wonder whether your competition is on LinkedIn, the answer is probably yes. With almost 200 million users registered worldwide, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your audience. Companies use LinkedIn to look for employees, so if you are looking for a job, it is worth checking out.


Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Having a strong LinkedIn profile is vital because you never know who may need to view it. When there are layoffs or another company merges with yours, headhunters constantly comb through LinkedIn profiles to find the best candidates for their open positions.


If you don’t have a strong profile, you stay off of recruiters’ radars, and they won’t know to contact you when opportunities arise. 

How to Use LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn account is simple, but it can be time-consuming. There is a lot of information that you need to fill out, which may feel tedious.


It’s best to fill it all out at once, especially the ‘Experience’ section – that is what recruiters are looking at the most. Put as much detail into each position as you can, and include the names of companies when possible.


Make sure to be accurate in your profile because it’s not just for you to find jobs. It’s also for your future employers. Employers will do their best to search your name before extending you an offer, so make it easy for them.


Keep your profile up to date. LinkedIn will send you emails when anything is changed, so keep up with it. Be sure to include a professional photo of yourself, your LinkedIn URL, educational background, and any other relevant experience.


How to Search for Jobs on LinkedIn

You may not know where to start if you are new to LinkedIn. Here are some quick tips to make sure your profile is up to par!


  • Make sure your profile picture isn’t blurry or dark
  • Fill out as much as possible
  • Include any information that you think is professionally relevant
  • Do not include any information that could be considered unprofessional.
  • Update your profile often.
  • Make sure all of your links work.
  • Write your summary in your voice – don’t sound like a robot
  • Keep your hobbies and interests relevant to your career path
  • Your profile should be easy to navigate.
  • Do not make it seem like you are desperate for a job. You can get many gigs as a passive candidate.
  • Contact information must be up to date and professional. Don’t use an email address like [email protected].
  • Don’t lie on your profile.
  • LinkedIn groups are a great way to network and make connections.


You can search for jobs by setting up alerts for specific keywords. Search by industry, location, and company name. Check your “Jobs” tab daily, so you don’t miss anything.


Follow companies! It is an easy way to keep track of them for future job searches. If they post anything relevant to your industry, it will appear on your feed.

How Does LinkedIn Work for Companies?

Why is LinkedIn important to companies? The connection between LinkedIn and company growth has seen extensive analysis. For starters, the site boasts a much more educated crowd than other social media sites, so it’s a great place to recruit top talent.


Over half of LinkedIn members in the U.S  have a college degree, compared to less than half of Facebook users.


LinkedIn is also one of the only social media sites with an explicitly business-oriented purpose. This focus makes it an excellent platform for businesses to find customers and build brand awareness. When you join this site as a job seeker, you will be in a good and professional company.


So, Why Use LinkedIn?

In conclusion, you no longer need to ponder why to use LinkedIn. The platform will help you build professional relationships while keeping you aware of job opportunities and networking events. 


We have some incredible classes available on Amphy to help you understand LinkedIn. Check out LinkedIn today and create your profile! It may just change your life.

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