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16 Virtual Tour Statistics for 2024


Virtual tours are increasing in popularity, and they are a fantastic way to experience the world from the comfort of your own home.


Read on to discover all the virtual tour statistics you need to know.

What Are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours can be anything, from house to product to city tours. Specifically, we’ll discuss walking tours and virtual exhibits, but these statistics apply to almost any virtual tour. 


Empirical statistics show that virtual components are increasing in all areas of our lives, so hop on the trend and take a tour at Amphy today!

1. In a Global Study by Kaltura, 73% of the People Who Attended a Virtual Event Said It Was Satisfactory

There can often be a stigma around virtual tours and exhibits. People may say that a virtual event doesn’t provide as good an experience, or they might be worried about missing out on things like meeting new people, seeing a novel place and engaging with the content. 


People may think virtual tours and exhibits are not as good as in-person events, but that’s not the case. Virtual events provide an in-depth, holistic experience on par with in-person events. 


In many cases, you will find that virtual tours allow you to soak in the material more and gain a richer understanding of the content. 

2. Virtual Tours of Colleges Have Increased by 258%

Now more than ever, students choose to tour their prospective colleges online. Are you thinking about moving to school? Why not take a city walking tour on Amphy?

3. Google Reported an Increased Viewership of 4,106% for Online Exhibits and Tours

The viewership for online exhibits has increased by over 4,000% in the past few years, marking a significant shift in the travel industry. You can take part in this trend and see an online exhibit with Amphy.

4. According to the USA Travel Association, 68% of People Discover Things To Do on Their Trips Online

The travel industry is transitioning to an online space. Why not take your trip planning further and move your entire vacation online?

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Virtual tours and exhibits are more cost-effective and easier to attend.

5. In a Kaltura Survey, 48% of Event Organizers Stated They Planned To Conduct More Virtual Events in Future Times

While virtual events and virtual tours peaked in 2020, they are not going away anytime soon. 


We should expect to see a steady increase in all virtual events, from learning workshops to virtual walking tours to online exhibits.

6. According to Forbes, Virtual Events Increased by 1000% in 2020

In 2020, we moved everything online. Work conferences, college classes and time with family all took place over platforms like Zoom and Vimeo. 


Since people couldn’t travel, virtual walking tours and online exhibits became popular. The year 2020 opened up an entirely new market, virtual travel. The question is, will this trend continue? The answer is yes, virtual events are here to stay.

7. 84% of People Said They Wanted a Virtual Option for Events

Virtual tours and exhibits are more cost-effective and easier to attend. When you take a virtual tour, you won’t have to worry about travel costs or organizing an itinerary. 


Virtual exhibits and tours take all the stress out of travel and allow you to experience art, history and culture comfortably at home.

8. 93% of People Were Happy With How the Hosts Handled the Event

On Amphy, our event hosts are experts in the fields. Often they have personal experience with the subject or city they are teaching about and have teaching experience. 


Global studies show that participants are usually satisfied with the quality of virtual tours and events, and on Amphy, you will have welcoming and knowledgeable hosts.

Virtual Tour

9. A Study by Vimeo Showed 75% of People Find Live, In-person or Online Events Valuable, While Just 64% of People Prefer Pre-recorded Events

On Amphy, our virtual walking tours are live, so you won’t have to worry about pre-recorded sessions. The virtual tours are engaging and fun, and you will find them interesting and valuable. 


Here at Amphy, we believe in the value of live events, and everything here is interactive.

10. 30% of People Are Worried About Technical Issues During an Event, According to the Above Vimeo Survey

Taking virtual walking tours and attending virtual exhibits are a breeze on Amphy. Our tours and exhibits are through the Amphy website, so nothing is left up to chance. 


The platform is just for virtual events, so you can enjoy your experience without worrying about technical issues.

11. By 2026, the Online Event Industry Should Grow by $2.3 Trillion

Online events and virtual tourism is a booming industry, and it has rapidly increased in availability and quality in recent years. However, it remains affordable and cost-effective.

12. 72% of People Say They Plan To Attend the Same Number of Virtual Events in the Future — Or Even More, According to the Vimeo Study

Virtual tours rose sharply during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, but they are not going away anytime soon. 

Virtual Tour

13. Virtual Art Exhibits Have Increased Drastically

Museums and art exhibits can be inaccessible to many people, but things are changing with the recent rise of virtual exhibits. Check out a virtual exhibit or museum tour on Amphy today.

14. 80% of People Go To Virtual Events for Educational Purposes

According to a study by Markletic, 80% of people go to virtual exhibits, museums and classes for further education. 


Education is one of our top priorities here at Amphy, and you can take an online class and learn almost anything. For instance, you can take a walking tour and practice your English skills!

15. 70% of People Want a 60-minute or Shorter Event, According to the Vimeo Study Above

At Amphy, most of our classes are less than an hour. However, if you are craving a longer experience, we offer classes that are 90-minutes or longer.

16. 67% of People Say It Is Crucial To Have an Event Host Who Is Passionate About the Subject

Most of our walking tour hosts live in the town they are giving the tour of, and they are sure to have local knowledge and personal investment in the city. 


If you are looking for a city walking tour, Amphy is the best place. Our tour guides bring a knowledgeable base and a personal touch to the virtual experience.

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