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19 Health Coach Websites

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Are you a health coach looking for an online home base? The internet is overflowing with health coach websites, and with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. We have compiled this list of health coach websites to help you find the perfect fit.


The article includes essential information to help you start your health coach journey. By the end of this article, you will have everything you need to know to start building your health coach website.

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What Is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a health professional who specializes in guiding people to optimize their health and well-being through lifestyle changes. Health coaches focus on helping people achieve health-related goals, such as weight loss, stress reduction, and healthful eating. Health coaches often use various tools to help clients, such as health assessments, goal setting, and lifestyle education.


Health coaches often provide one-on-one health coaching services and health and wellness programs to groups. Health coaches can help individuals make healthier choices by providing education, resources, and accountability.


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What Is the Difference Between a Health Coach and a Personal Trainer?

The primary difference between health coaches and personal trainers is the focus of their services. Health coaches often have a broader, more holistic approach to health and wellness, while personal trainers focus more on exercise and physical health.


Health coaches often focus on lifestyle changes such as diet, nutrition, stress management, and healthful habits. They also provide emotional support, help clients set goals, and provide accountability and encouragement. These benefits can help you have a better relationship with others

Personal trainers, on the other hand, focus primarily on physical health and exercise. They help people become stronger and increase physical fitness by providing workout programs, nutrition information, and motivation. They can help older people get the exercise they need as they get older.

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A health coach is a health professional who specializes in guiding people to optimize their health and well-being through lifestyle changes.

What Is the Salary of a Health Coach?

The salary of health coaches varies depending on experience, specialty, location, and services offered. Generally, health coaches can expect to earn between $50-$100 an hour. There are salaried positions, but most health coaches are self-employed.


Health coaches may also offer health and wellness programs or retreats that provide additional income.

How Do You Become a Health Coach?

To become a health coach, you must complete at least 200 hours of health coaching education. Many certifications require additional continuing education credits and health coaching experience.


In addition to education, health coaches must have strong communication and interpersonal skills and an understanding of health and wellness.

health coach websites

Our List of Health Coach Websites for You

This list includes a wide variety of health coach websites that contain helpful information and inspiration for your website.

1. Amphy Health Coaching

If you or someone you know is looking to become a health coach or to learn some tips for bettering health and well being, the Amphy website has a course or lecture to help guide you. 

2. Four – Health Coach Resources 

Four wellness helps health coaches get more clients with health coach marketing and business resources. They offer a health coach website template and health coaching programs, websites, and blog posts.

3. Wellness Coaches

The Wellness Coaches Alliance provides health coaches with resources for health coaching certifications, training, and health coach business tools.

4. Health Coach Solutions

Health Coach Solutions provides health and wellness education resources. They offer health coaches access to health coaching programs, health coach websites, marketing materials, health coach websites, health coaching workshops, health coach podcasts, and health coach-specific tools.

5. Ace Fitness – Health Coach Certification 

Ace Fitness offers health coach certification and health coaching services.

6. National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching

The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching provides health coaching certification and resources.

7. Health Coach Institute

The Health Coach Institute is a health coaching organization offering health coach certification. They are one of the most widely respected and well-known organizations in health coaching.

8. International Association of Health Coaches

The International Association of Health Coaches is a health coaching organization that brings together health coaches worldwide to promote collaboration and cooperation.

9. Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program

The Vanderbilt health coaching program is among the most prestigious in the United States. It provides:


  • Health coaching certification.
  • Other resources for aspiring health coaches.
  • Continuing education resources for established health coaches.

10. Marielle Alix

Marielle Alix Health Coaching is a great place to start if you want health coaching that emphasizes holistic health. This health coach website offers health coaching to individuals, focusing on health and lifestyle changes that are unique to each individual.

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health coach websites

11. Aurelie Parant

Aurelie Parant is a health coach and the creator of the health coaching platform Healthy Living Design. She believes that health coaches are more than just personal trainers.

12. Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne is a health coach who works with clients on health and wellness goals. She believes that health coaches can play an essential role in helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives.

13. Katzie Guy-Hamilton – Health Coach 

Katzie Guy-Hamilton’s health coach website provides an in-depth look at health coaching, from understanding what health coaching is to learning how to become a health coach.

14. Christiana Serle – Health Coach 

Christiana Serle is a health coach that specializes in health coaching. She helps her clients find health and wellness solutions tailored to their needs. She has a background in health psychology, nutrition, and physical health.

15. Stef Jung – Health Coach

Stef Jung is one of the premier health coaches in the business, and her website has inspired many other health coaches due to its simplicity and intuitive design.

16. Chani Thompson – Health Coach 

Chani Thompson is a health coach featured in TED talks and other health-related events.

17. Lili Gahagan – Health Coach 

Lili Gahagan is a health coach and wellness consultant who uses her health coaching knowledge to help her clients reach their health goals.

18. Lauren Chambers – Health Coach  

Lauren Chambers is a health coach focusing on health, nutrition, and fitness topics. She provides health coaching workshops and health coaching-specific resources to health coaches.


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19. Sapana Chandra – Health Coach 

Sapana Chandra’s website is one of the best-designed websites on this list. Her website does an excellent job of welcoming guests and encouraging them to learn more about her resources and services.

Final Thoughts

Health coach websites allow health coaches to showcase their services and connect with potential clients. With the right health coaching website, health coaches can make a real difference in their client’s health and wellness. It’s never been easier to become a health coach, thanks to the wealth of health coaching websites available. With these websites, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful health coach.


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