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Edtech Accelerator Eduspaze Names 9 Startups in 5TH Cohort


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EduSpaze, the top education technology accelerator in Singapore, is pleased to announce the inclusion of nine early-stage startups in its latest accelerator program. 


This is the 5th cohort to attend the acclaimed Edtech accelerator program, which continues to lead the region in Edtech innovation. The group includes leaders in early childhood education, game simulations, and even standardized testing.

More About Eduspaze

Spaze Ventures, a venture capital firm, and startup incubator operates EduSpaze with backing from Enterprise Singapore. The company assembled its inaugural cohort in February 2020. Its most recent cohort announcement came on August 17th.


According to the three-month virtual program terms, cohort members will receive an investment equivalent to S$1 million. Besides, they’ll get mentor support, a specialized accelerator program, and an environment where they can launch regional experimental projects.


Alex Ng, managing director of EduSpaze, remarked that funding for Edtech development by traditional and recognized education institutions is increasing. This reflects the rising understanding that Edtech solves a real need in education. 


The program aims to assist cohort members in boosting their development and refinement of market relevance, scalability, increasing revenue, and investor attraction.


The nine startups named are Scribo Holdings, Eduku, Dystech, Top-BOSS, Datality Lab, Eduprime, InvestEd, HeyHi, and MindChamps. They join the reputation of past cohort participants, including AkadAsia, Skilio, ACKTEC, and LingoTalk.

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This is the 5th cohort to attend the acclaimed Edtech accelerator program, which continues to lead the region in Edtech innovation.

Other Related Developments From Around the Industry

EduSpaze is only one of the many E-learning platforms thriving at the moment. The tech industry is combining its efforts with the more prolific education services to improve the quality of education.

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