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Educational Metaverse Startup in DFW Gets Seed Funding of Over $3 Million


STEMuli is an educational startup that will use gaming technology and techniques to promote learning for kids. They have received funding from a variety of companies, including Slauson & Co.

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A startup company focusing on education in Dallas, Fort Worth, has been given early funding ($3.25 million) to aid the creation of an innovative children’s learning method. The company is called STEMuli, and they aim to create an “educational metaverse.” 


The funding was given to them by Slauson & Co., as well as Valor Ventures. Draper Associates also contributed to the cause.

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More About STEMuli: 

Taylor Shead, the founder of STEMuli, says that the goal of her company is to “improve learning outcomes by providing all students with an experience that rivals playing their favorite video game.”


The development of new ways to educate children using state-of-the-art platforms is making this ambition a reality. The company launched its software at Dallas Hybrid Prep School in 2021. With this newfound funding, the company plans to expand its reach to the rest of the United States.


They aim to start this expansion by launching their software in other states, including New York, California, Georgia, Washington D.C., and Illinois. They will also use the funding to continue developing and improving the software they have already created.


Taylor has cultivated a team of game developers, educators, and technology experts to achieve this goal and help students learn in a fun and engaging way. The companies that provided this early funding have all gone on record to express their hope for this concept and the potential of the project.

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The funding was given to them by Slauson & Co., as well as Valor Ventures. Draper Associates also contributed to the cause.

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