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Edupia Raises Series A to Close the Education Gap in Vietnam


Everything You Need to Know in 47 Words

Edupia, an online learning platform, has just received $14 million from Jungle Ventures, eWTP, and ThinkZone Ventures. This latest round of funds, which brings the edtech’s total funding to $16 million, will help the platform accomplish its noble goal of providing rural Vietnamese cities access to education.

More About Edupia

When Tran Duc Hung started Edupia in 2018, he had a clear purpose: to make education more accessible to people in rural Vietnam. What began as a self-learning platform to teach English quickly became an international powerhouse.


The edtech’s funding success is just one sign of its potential. In just four years, Edupia has expanded into more Asian markets and has added more subjects. The platform is also on track to exceed its three revenue targets. 


This latest round is helping the learning platform reach its goal of making education accessible to everyone. Today, Edupia has 400,000 paid students and over five million users.


In addition to its self-learning option, the e-learning platform now offers live classes and private one-on-one tutoring. The company is helping reduce inequalities in education.

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Keep reading to learn how a new round of funding is helping Edupia bridge the educational divide in Vietnam.

Other Related Developments From Around the Industry

While education has made significant leaps in the past century, there are still significant challenges. Technology is disrupting many industries — helping to fill in the gaps.


Online learning platforms are helping meet many educational problems around the world. Continue reading to learn about other learning platforms that are tackling academic shortcomings.

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