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7 Online English Conversation Practice Courses

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English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, with an average of 1.4 billion speakers. It is the go-to language when communicating with people around the globe.


Thus, learning by taking up English conversation practice courses is essential for both your work and professional life.


Mastering the English language involves two parts, the first being how to learn and write, while the second is spoken. Learning to speak English fluently may seem easy to those who already know it. But it can be challenging to master it if it’s not your native language.


Thousands of online learning tools can help you become an expert in speaking the English language. But choosing an English conversation practice course that works for you and guarantees results within a specified period is not easy. Luckily, we have reviewed hundreds of courses and curated the best 7 online English conversation practice courses.

Is It Possible to Learn English Conversation Online?

Of course! The huge scope and variety of online courses now available present an easy way for you to learn (or improve) your English conversational skills – from anywhere in the world. Courses are also geared toward every possible skill level, with individualized options and group sessions available depending on your learning style. 

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Courses are also geared toward every possible skill level, with individualized options and group sessions available depending on your learning style.

Are Online English Classes Expensive?

Online English Conversation classes will vary in cost based upon the experience of the tutor or educator, location, and duration of session. Courses can range from $20 per session, to $20 per month – it will vary quite widely. That being said, there is such a huge range of options out there now that there’s bound to be something that can be worked into any budget.

english conversation practice courses

The Best 7 English Conversation Practice Courses

Some English courses are better than others based on the resources available and how well they suit your unique learning style. Here are the 7 best English conversation practice courses:

1. English Class 1-on-1

English Class 1-on-1 is one of the few English conversation practice courses that is very affordable at around $25 per month. The course contains thousands of lessons to help you learn how to speak English or want to pass an exam.


The course is less formal than other courses as it allows 1-on-1 sessions with the tutor. The resources on the course are ideal for students at all levels of learning, from beginner to expert.

2. Conversational English Practice

Conversational English Practice is the perfect course if you want to attend live English classes that will improve your confidence in speaking English. The tutor of the course is Daniel Herholdt, a professional English teacher who is available any day of the week except Sunday.  


The course is mainly interactive, allowing you to speak with your tutor and other learners in a stress-free setting. The course specializes in helping learners master four key areas, which are:


  • Fluency
  • Clarity
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation


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3. English Conversation Advanced Group

English Conversation Advanced Group is an English conversation course from Amphy that connects learners from around the world with a tutor who is a native speaker of the language. There are group classes explicitly designed for learners to interact with each other.


The English conversation courses cost from $25 per month. There are specialized classes for students at different levels of the learning curve. Thus, you can be patient and gradually improve at speaking English with the tutor’s help.

4. Preply

Preply is one of the best online courses to help you become fluent in English. The course pairs students with instructors based on their needs. You get to decide the pace you want to progress with and arrange private lessons where you can practice in various areas.


Preply allows learners to choose the conversation topics to make it interesting. Additionally, learners can choose tutors with a similar accent to make the learning process much easier and more comfortable.


Preply also offers group classes, allowing learners to interact and speak with each other. The pricing model implemented by Preply is very flexible, and some tutors charge as little as $10.


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5. FluentU

FluentU is one of the few English conversation practice courses that immerse learners in English with audio dialogues and real-life videos. The course is available on any internet-enabled device, and you can download it onto your mobile device.


Unlike other courses, you don’t interact with a tutor when using FluentU. Instead, it offers video and audio files of how English is spoken in everyday life situations. 


This is a great way to practice conversations in English based on real-world scenarios you may go through in your life.


FluentU offers a 14-day free learning period where you can decide if it’s the right course for you. Past the free trial period, it may cost you from $24 to $30 per month. FluentU also has a quiz section where you can test your progress and understand the areas you need to work on.

6. Intermediate English Conversation

Become better at communicating in the English language by signing up for Intermediate English Conversation (B1-B2). This course programming offers customized conversation lessons that you can change to suit your schedule. 


This course allows you to immerse yourself in conversational English with small group speaking sessions – offering a more dynamic learning experience. You can also choose an area of specialization you want to work on, such as fluency, vocabulary, and expression – which can then be worked through within the context of group learning.

7. British Council

Offering some of the best free resources for learning English Online, the British Council is an excellent platform for learning how to speak and write. The platform is one of the longest-running providers of English courses and has handled more than 100 million students since its inception.


The British Council offers live chat English sessions every Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm Similar to other online courses, you can customize your learning plan with the British Council and even sign up for your kids or corporate group.


The British Council mainly offers British English courses, so it may not be the right fit for you if you want to learn how to speak American English. But the platform is widely respected, so it’s an excellent place to learn English for professional reasons.

Final Thoughts

There is no other way to improve English conversational skills other than through practice. And that remains true for learning any new language. 


The courses outlined above have the resources and skilled educators available to make learning easier. Online interaction with other learners and instructors can entrench you in a new language, while allowing you to learn remotely – from anywhere. Pick from any of the English conversation practice courses above that work for you and begin your learning journey today.

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