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16 Best Online Coding Classes 2024

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for online coding classes has never been higher. Whether you’re an aspiring software developer, seeking to build your own website, or someone eager to explore the realms of artificial intelligence, online coding classes offer an accessible and effective way to acquire the knowledge you need. 



With a plethora of options available, finding the right coding class can be overwhelming. This article compiles a carefully curated list of the 16 best online coding classes, covering a diverse range of programming languages and skill levels. 


Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned coder looking to upskill, read on to discover the ideal course for your coding journey.

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How to Choose the Right Course for You

Selecting the right online coding class demands careful consideration. Begin by assessing your skill level and preferred programming language. Consider course content, teaching methods, instructor expertise, and student reviews. 



Ensure the course fits your schedule and budget while delivering value. This comprehensive evaluation guarantees an informed choice, propelling your coding journey effectively.

Are Online Coding Courses Actually Worth it?

Online coding courses can indeed be highly effective and valuable for learning how to code. The quality of these courses can vary, but many reputable platforms offer well-structured and comprehensive programs that provide learners with a solid foundation in coding skills. 



One of the key advantages is the flexibility they offer. Online coding courses allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, making them ideal for individuals who have other commitments such as work or school. 



Online coding courses are often more budget-friendly than traditional education options, making learning to code accessible to a wider range of individuals. 

While the courses provide valuable resources and guidance, your willingness to learn, practice consistently, and continuously seek to improve your skills are essential components of a successful coding journey!



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it's important to set realistic expectations and understand that mastery in coding typically takes a longer period of consistent practice and learning.

Can I master coding in 2 months?

Mastering coding in just 2 months is an extremely ambitious goal, especially if you’re starting from scratch and have no prior experience with programming. 


While you can certainly make significant progress in 2 months, it’s important to set realistic expectations and understand that mastery in coding typically takes a longer period of consistent practice and learning. 


Coding involves learning syntax, logic, problem-solving, and often tools or frameworks. The learning curve can be steep, and rushing through it might lead to gaps in understanding.  


Consistency and practice is key. Spending a few hours a day coding, coupled with projects and exercises, will lead to better results compared to sporadic intense sessions. 

Choosing the right online course for you will directly impact your progress and success.

online coding classes

16 Best Online Coding Classes 

1.Learn Java, Dart, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


You’ll learn new programming languages through one-on-one sessions and examples and assignments to work on. You’ll also have the chance to debug your code along with the personal instructor and better understand what’s not working and why it’s not working.


2. MIT xPRO Professional Certificate in Coding


MIT xPRO’s online learning programs leverage vetted content from world-renowned experts to make learning accessible anytime, anywhere and solve this challenge for developing technical professionals. This program is organized into three main modules using the MERN stack: Web Development, Front-End Development/React, and Back-End Development.

Each module builds on the next, and is designed to prepare you to enter the job market as an entry-level full-stack developer, or to specialize in one of these areas with further skill development.


3.Brain Station: Software Engineering Bootcamp


Learn in-demand skills and launch a new career as a Software Engineer with this intensive software engineering bootcamp.


4. Beginning Python for Data Science


Designed as an introduction to Python, the student will go from zero coding experience to being able to import, clean, explore, and export a dataset using the essential packages a data scientist uses on a daily basis.


5. W3C: JavaScript Introduction


This course is part of W3C’s “Front-End Web Developer” Professional Certificate. Learn JavaScript, a Web development programming language, to add interactivity to your Web pages, and become an expert Web developer. 


6. Hand Code Your First Website 


This class is a fun and approachable exploration of hand-coding your first website. The class covers these 4 things: Writing and structuring content with HTML, styling your site with CSS, backing-up your code, getting it online for the world to see


7. Harvard: CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript


This course picks up where CS50 leaves off, diving more deeply into the design and implementation of web apps with Python, JavaScript, and SQL using frameworks like Django, React, and Bootstrap.


8. Learn Web Development (Frontend and Backend)


Learn to build a static or dynamic website, simple or complex. Bring your ideas to life on the internet and share them with others. You will learn to develop your own website and deploy it on web hosting to be live.


9. Computer Programming for Everyone


Explore computer programming and complete block-language programming exercises. On this course, you’ll find out how and why people program computers. Using an introductory block-language for coding, you’ll discover the kinds of problems that computers can help you solve.

10. Princeton University Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose


This course covers the first half of our book Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach (the second half is covered in our Coursera course Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machines). Our intent is to teach programming to those who need or want to learn it, in a scientific context. 


11. Flatiron School: Software Engineering Bootcamp


Whether you have zero coding knowledge, are self-taught, or are somewhere in between, this course is for you. Our course takes you from foundational skills to advanced, practical knowledge in as little as 15 weeks.


12. Career Foundry: Full-Stack Web Development Program


Gain a rigorous education learning to write and review code, build in HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Python, using APIs to create robust web applications —all with lifetime curriculum access



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13. Google: Crash Course on Python


This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python using the most common structures. No previous exposure to programming is needed. By the end of this course, you’ll understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together; and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem. 


14. Thinkful: Software Engineering Bootcamp


Start learning to code right away, with no commitment. Try out a few beginner-friendly practice exercises and experience our student platform. No credit card required or experience needed to start. 


15. App Academy: Learn to code online 


Your hard work and commitment will transform you into a Full-stack Web Developer. Build from scratch with JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML and CSS. Accelerate your projects with ReactJS, Express, Flask, and SQL Alchemy. You’ll be shocked at how much you can learn – employers will be too.


16. SAS Programming 


This course is taught by an HSBC Insurance Analyst on SAS Base Programming and will equip you with skills to become a SAS Analyst. This is the most comprehensive, yet straightforward, course for the SAS software on Udemy!


Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of SAS, this course is for you! We will teach you the SAS syntax and practice your skills in real-world case studies!

Final Thoughts 


Learning to code is a journey that opens doors to a world of innovation and creativity. By following a structured approach, embracing self-learning, mastering foundational concepts, and practicing regularly, beginners can embark on a successful coding journey.


Remember, coding is a skill that rewards persistence, curiosity, and dedication. Whether you dream of building websites, developing apps, or diving into data science, the first step is taking that leap into the world of coding. So grab your keyboard, start typing, and watch your coding skills flourish.

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