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Spotlight On Gabrielle Stone – Best Selling Author & Podcast Host


Learn more about the background and life’s work of popular author and podcast host Gabrielle Stone, a collaborator and educator at Amphy. Stone offers witty and practical life coaching with her trademark straightforward and no-nonsense style.

Gabrielle Stone successfully turned her broken heart into an empire as the author of two successful books and a thriving podcast. After a long and successful career in Hollywood, Stone experienced a tremendous second act with a dynamic writing and podcasting business that borrows heavily from themes in her personal life.


Stone now takes her powerful lived experiences and coaches other women on how to live their best life. One of Amphy’s top-rated instructors, Stone’s popular group class encourages people to live the life of their dreams.

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Stone now takes her powerful lived experiences and coaches other women on how to live their best life

Who is Gabrielle Stone?

Gabrielle Stone grew up as the daughter of a “scream queen,” or actress starring in horror movies. Stone’s mother, Dee Wallace, is best known as the mom character in the famous Steven Spielberg movie ET. 


Wallace is now a motivational speaker, which also alludes to the future plans of her daughter, Gabrielle Stone. Growing up in the entertainment industry inspired Stone to enter this realm herself. 


Stone experienced tremendous grief as a child after her father Christopher Stone died of a heart attack when she was young. This event developed enormous emotional strength and courage as Stone processed her grief. She would draw upon these lessons later in life.


Gabrielle Stone dedicated much of her life to dancing, as well as learning the craft of acting. Stone starred in several films as an actress during her career, which spanned from 2006 to 2018. She also transitioned to writing and directing films too. 


Stone is best known for her films It Happened Again Last Night and After Emma. She also acted in Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard, The French American, Rock, Paper, Dead, and Henry John and the Little Bug. Stone also appeared on television in Wooden Steel Comedy, The Quarter Lifers, and Proper Manors.

Gabrielle’s Rise to Fame 

While Stone developed a career as a writer, actor, dancer, and director, her second act brought the most fame. Gabrielle Stone became a celebrity because of the twists and turns of her real life, which even the best scriptwriter couldn’t dream up.


Stone married at a young age into what she thought was a happy, lifelong union. Unfortunately, Stone’s husband unceremoniously divorced the multi-hyphenate performer, leaving her once again in a state of grief. 


This affair, revealed after less than two years of marriage, drove Stone quickly into the companionship of another man. However, this hasty romance also ended in disaster, leaving an already vulnerable Gabrielle Stone with a massive heartbreak.


This creative force of nature used extraordinary grief and hard-won lessons from her real life to inspire her next creative adventure. Stone self-published the memoir Eat, Pray, #FML in 2019 to tell the story of discovering her husband’s affair, then being dumped soon after by a new love. 


Eat, Pray, #FML focuses on the romantic European getaway she was supposed to experience with her new, post-marriage romance. However, only 48 hours before she was sent to embark, that man became the second to massively disappoint Stone. 


Instead of staying home heartbroken, Stone decided to travel through Europe alone and turn the lessons learned into a popular book. 


Stone details visiting delightful locations like Amsterdam and Italy, and learning to navigate as a single woman in the big world. She processes her heartbreak and starts to understand how to trust herself during this important journey.


The title of Stone’s book refers to the juggernaut memoir of a similar name: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. While Gilbert promises a polished story with plenty of philosophical insights, Stone keeps her messages more straightforward. 

Gabrielle Stone posing in front of a pink background

What’s She Doing Now?

In addition to her first memoir, Stone self-published Eat, Pray, #FML’s buzzed-out sequel with The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl. This second book, published in 2021, picks up right where the first book leaves off. Stone explains what happens when you return from a whirlwind European adventure and how to put your life back together.


The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl was equally well-received by Stone’s fans, eager to follow along on her amazing journey. Both of Stone’s books are available as audiobooks, as well as hardcover and paperback editions. A specialized journal helps readers of Stone’s books follow along with her to visualize their goals and plan their next moves.


In addition to being a published author, Stone also hosts a podcast. Named #FML Talk, Stone tackles the big issues on her weekly podcasts. No topic is too much for Stone to tackle with her guests, as she discusses love, infidelity, equal rights, and even astrology on her popular podcast.


Stone’s trademark straightforward style grabs your attention and fills you with confidence. Be prepared for some tough love and straight talk from Stone. While the topics are tough and Stone never flinches, the end goal is knowing yourself and following your dreams.


Based on her successful books and podcast, Stone facilitates a thriving community of people healing from heartbreak and attempting to live fully. This vibrant online community lifts each other up to achieve their goals and change their lives in positive directions. Stone has 112,000 followers on Instagram and 21,000 followers on Twitter. 


The author shares insight and quotes on her social media pages and makes the rounds on many podcasts and vlogs. Heartbroken men and women around the world flock to hear this woman’s advice on mending your life and bringing clarity to the future.


Fans of Stone know she has also found lasting love through these difficult life adventures. After going through her transformation, Stone found a new relationship and is currently engaged to be married. Her content is appropriate for people at any stage in their lives, from dating to married, divorced, single, or remarried.

Gabrielle Stone and Amphy’s collaborations 

Gabrielle Stone offers a group class on Amphy to help people organize their life to achieve their goals and dreams. The name of Stone’s Amphy class is Creating Dreams and Making Them Happen. This class lasts 60 minutes and brings others together in an online collaborative classroom.


Stone describes the manifestation techniques she uses to uncloud her mind and reach her dreams. As Stone has created a career in entertainment and publishing, she has a lot to share! If you have ever been curious about how to move past your psychological barriers to level up your life, Stone’s Creating Dreams and Making Them Happen is for you. Learn from one of the most dynamic business woman around in this lively and interactive class.


Previous Amphy students describe Stone as witty and insightful, sharing practical tips on creating a personal brand. Reviewers rave about Stone’s attention to detail and welcoming teaching style. Stone’s class is listed at an affordable price, making it a great gift for a friend or loved one. 


Or invest in yourself with Stone’s Amphy course and feel free to take it again and again. Students learn something new every time they experience Stone’s transformational Creating Dreams and Making Them Happen, class.

Get to Know Gabrielle

Read on to learn more about the author, entertainer, and Amphy collaborator Gabrielle Stone.

What is the book Eat, Pray #FML about?

Eat, Pray, #FML follows the true story of Gabrielle Stone as she rebuilds her life after two, back-to-back heartbreaks. Stone travels to Europe and rediscovers herself, and her goals, and turns that experience into a thriving business today.

Who is Gabrielle Stone’s mom?

Gabrielle Stone’s mom, Dee Wallace, starred in the iconic film ET, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982. Wallace continued her acting career and then transitioned into motivational speaking.

How old is Gabrielle Stone?

Gabrielle Stone was born in 1988 in Los Angeles, California which makes her a woman in her early 30s during the early 2020s.

What does FML mean?

FML is a widely-accepted Internet slang language for an expression of despair. This phrase, often used humorously, stands for the acronym “F*** My Life” with a common vulgarity replacing the obscured first word.

Who is Gabrielle Stone’s ex-husband?

Stone became famous by sharing candid stories of her divorce from actor Ignacio Serricchio. The pair married for two years before explosive revelations of an affair in 2017. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes people never recover from devastating situations and let those moments define their lives. However, others take rotten luck and grief and turn their lives into a work of art. If you are looking for ways to empower yourself and move past your mental barriers, explore Gabrielle Stone’s motivational class, Creating Dreams and Making them Happen with Amphy.


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