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19 of the Best Executive Coaches to Guide and Empower You

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Business leadership is no easy task.


A leader’s responsibilities are many, from managing employees to maintaining a company’s vision. 


Additionally, directing a business, institution, or organization can pose significant personal challenges.


Executive coaches are here to help.


Executive coaching—coaching for effective leadership—is increasingly popular among leaders of all kinds. An executive coach teaches you better to manage both your wellness and that of others.


Use this guide to the 19 best executive coaches to guide and empower you as you begin your coaching journey.

1. Cassandra Vermeulen – Best Personal Career Coach

Leadership starts with personal growth and well-being.


20-year teacher Cassandra Vermeulen has developed ground-breaking courses that aim to promote personal growth in areas related to work and career—and is now offering her lessons on the popular live education platform Amphy.


Cassandra focuses on occupational health, recruitment, employment management, investigations, legislation, and human resources.

2. Kgosi More – Best for Creativity Coaching

Kgosi More is an entrepreneur and influencer who specializes in teaching creativity and efficiency in business and life.


His workshops will allow you to eliminate self-limiting beliefs and generate action plans for success.


His workshop, Unlock Your Fearless Creator, focuses on bringing creativity into the world of business—to your advantage and that of your employees.

3. Hsiang-Yi Lin – Best for Results-Oriented Coaching

Hsiang-Yi Lin is an executive coach and founder of Vistage, a consulting company that offers CEO coaching and peer advisory.


Hsiang-Yi’s coaching model operates on results. As a business leader, you will learn to make better decisions and promote growth among your employees.

4. Jennifer Iannolo – Best for Businesswomen 

Jennifer Iannolo works with female founders and entrepreneurs to fuel the fires of creativity and success.


She is a renowned speaker and has appeared on numerous global media programs. 


As a coach, she helps powerful women embrace their power and build resilience. Her goal is to promote women in business and keep them there.

5. Beth Hope – Best for Mental Health

Beth Hope is an award-winning accredited coach with an impressive track record.


She works on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to the workplace and enhancing the mental health of business leaders and employees.


She works with her clients to boost their confidence, strengthen their mindset, and achieve their goals.

6. Tatiana Soloviova – Best for Speaking Skills

Tatiana Soloviova is a public-speaking expert and coach on Amphy.


She specializes in teaching music and public speaking for business and personal platforms.


Soloviova’s public speaking lesson will help you and your employees to develop the capacity to speak in front of large groups, cultivate confidence, and exercise vocal and physical skills to improve communication.

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A leader's responsibilities are many, from managing employees to maintaining a company’s vision.

7. Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck – Best for Mindful Leadership

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are the founders of Plenty Consulting, a coaching company that caters to business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Their programs focus on developing leadership skills, team-building capabilities, and empathetic managerial tools for overworked business leaders worldwide.


Their motto: There is enough. You have enough. You are enough.

8. Angie Trigilio – Best for Career Coaching

Angie Trigilio is here to guide you toward identifying and embracing your dream career. She describes herself as a “creative coach,” fusing business principles, creativity skills,  and project management capabilities into one holistic coaching program.


Angie’s Power Career Coaching Session can help you re-center your mission and find your drive to succeed.

9. Jack Canfield – Best Confidence Coach

Jack Canfield is a world-famous coach and best-selling writer specializing in conscious leadership and confidence coaching.


His business entrepreneurship program will help you boost sales and income and build a successful business doing what you love.

10. Marshall Goldsmith – Best Fulfillment Coach

Marshall is a top executive coach—according to Inc., Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

His success revolves around a unique coaching method that allows business leaders and executives to identify the beliefs and environmental triggers that lead them to perform poorly.

Goldsmith has written several books on the subject and offers multiple pieces of training and courses on his comprehensive platform.

11. Songya Kesler  – Best for High-Intensity Environment

Songya Kesler specializes in working with executives working in high-stress environments.


Kesler argues that business environments become the learning ground for many essential skills we never learn in schools, such as emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.


She teaches stress-relief techniques, leadership skills, and employee engagement and motivation.


You can schedule a free consultation with Songya here.

12. Leigh Morrison – Best for Transitions

Leigh Morrison works with business leaders and employees undergoing transitions. 


She uses a re-calibration model to address issues at their core, where childhood beliefs and events often dictate behavior.


Leigh is adept at re-establishing chemistry among employees and restoring harmony in the workplace.

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13. Sue Heilbronner – Best for Potential Leaders

Sue Heilbronner specializes in training emergent entrepreneurs to rise to their potential.


She uses mindfulness methods and leadership training to ensure that potential becomes a reality.


Her reviews are a testament to her effective coaching methods, and she has helped countless individuals scale their careers and businesses.

14. Steve Chandler – Best for Creating Culture 

Working culture is one of the essential features of a successful business.


Steve Chandler helps business leaders to strengthen bonds among employees to ensure a higher quality of collaboration. He has written over thirty executive coaching books and is a prominent speaker worldwide.

15. Steve Hardison – Best for High-Performance Individuals

Steve Hardison is Steve Chandler’s coach—and coaches dozens of other billionaires, entrepreneurs, actresses, and creative college students.


Although his coaching program is expensive, it is well worth the investment. He nurtures a creative space for his clients in which to dream big and aim even higher.

16. Alex Borcau – Best for Procrastination

Alex Borcau is a Communications and teaching expert who leads sessions on productivity and organization.


Alex’s course on procrastination helps individuals develop the capacity to self-motivate and embark on work or school-related projects.


Alex offers 1:1 and group sessions on Amphy.

17. Damian Goldvarg – Best for Organization

Damian Goldvarg is one of the most well-known coaches in the world.


He coached Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Roger Enrico of Pepsi Co.


Goldvarg runs a coaching business that caters to business executives and entrepreneurs. His coaches focus on developing organizational capabilities and leveraging your strengths—so you can become the leader you were meant to be.

18. Decker – Best for Quick Results 

Bert Decker founded Decker Coaching in the late 20th century—and the company continues to thrive.


His patented methodology aims to teach business executives and employees effective communication and transformative leadership.


All coaches receive training in the Decker method and work with clients individually to develop personalized programs for all.

19. Juliana Constain – Best for Sustainability Coaching

Juliana Constain is a sustainability coach and advocates for Amphy.


She is both a marketing and consultancy expert and a sustainability advocate, so her courses are perfect for businesses seeking to expand their sustainability and social responsibility efforts.

Parting Thoughts

Executive coaches are famous for a reason. 


Working with the right coach can revolutionize your career and personal life so that you can pass your knowledge on to others.


Use this guide to find the perfect executive coach to fit your needs, and welcome the change you wish to see!

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