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19 of the Best Spanish Online Courses to Learn Spanish Fast

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Are you determined to become fluent in Spanish? You don’t have to enroll at a university or visit a tutor anymore! If you want to learn fluent Spanish fast, check out the 19 best Spanish online courses below!

1. Amphy

Many people studying a language may be able to read and write it well, while pronunciation and fluent speaking are more of a challenge. The fantastic Spanish language courses on Amphy focus on mastering pronunciation and speaking the language. You’ll do plenty of speaking practice and get a personalized lesson plan from expert teachers. 

2. Preply

Preply is one of the best Spanish online courses because the live lessons allow you to ask questions or adjust pronunciations in real-time with an expert teacher. Many online Spanish courses focus on vocabulary and memorization, but the Preply courses focus on speaking, so you can work efficiently toward your goal of Spanish fluency. 

3. Cervantes Escuela International Intensive Course

As the name implies, Cervantes Escuela International Intensive Course is challenging. If you’re not ready for your language skills to be put to the test, the course may be too overwhelming for you. But if you’re determined to become fluent in Spanish as quickly as possible, this course can get you far. You’ll have 20 lessons per week with a small class. 

4. Baselang

Baselang is a shorter online course for learning Spanish. This course offers unlimited lessons, meaning you can pack loads of lessons into a single day and immerse yourself in the learning process. You can learn academically with grammar, or you can learn as a child would, more naturally. 

5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language lessons have been around for years, and are still one of the top courses for learning a new language. Rosetta Stone courses teach you Spanish in Spanish, so you won’t get instructions or help in English. 

6. Chatterbug

If you’re a self-sufficient learner, Chatterbug offers phenomenal study materials for you to work on by yourself. But Chatterbug also offers online tutoring lessons, so you get the best of both worlds and can work on your Spanish according to your schedule. 

7. Spanishdict YouTube Channel

The Spanishdict Youtube channel is one of the most prominent series of instructional videos for learning Spanish. The videos can carry you through from basics to advanced speaking. These videos are fantastic resources, but you need to be self-sufficient to be successful. 

8. Coursera

Coursera courses were designed by the top universities, creating video lectures, quizzes, and assignments to teach people Spanish online. Coursera is ideal for someone looking for specific help, whether with a distinct dialect or region or an aspect of the language, like pronunciation. 

9. AilMadrid

Some people learn better alongside others! If that’s you, consider the AliMadrid group classes that focus on the social aspect of the Spanish language, putting your Spanish to the test with your classmates. The virtual classrooms have between six and eight students, so you still have enough attention from your teacher. 

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Many people studying a language may be able to read and write it well, while pronunciation and fluent speaking are more of a challenge

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10. Babbel

If you want an online Spanish course that’s easy to complete on the go, Babbel is one of the top learning language apps. The app can help you improve your Spanish quickly, but you need to pair this app with in-person speaking to master the language. 

11. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages Spanish courses are comprehensive, covering loads of topics. It features interactive audio lessons, language and culture focus, and pronunciation tools to help you round out your grasp of the language. You can also go at your own pace, so if you want to learn the language fast, you can whip through the course. 

12. FluentU

FluentU is one of the best Spanish online courses because it focuses on immersion. This course exposes you to the language in real scenarios, so you can grow comfortable with listening and speaking. You can acquire a natural understanding of the language rather than a rigid, academic understanding. 

13. ​​LingQ

If you’re not 100% sure what learning methods you excel with, explore the various materials on LingQ Spanish courses. There is no one-size-fits-all method for how to learn Spanish, and LingQ gives you plenty of options, from audio lessons to video lessons to forums and blogs. 

14. Busuu

Busuu sometimes leaves grammar behind, encouraging students to focus on speaking. If you have a basic understanding of Spanish but are not fluent, Busuu is a stellar online course with a mobile app that offers bite-sized lessons that yield impressive results. 

15. Open Learn

Open Learn offers free university-level Spanish courses that are well-structured. The courses provide practical speaking skills to prepare you for fluent conversations and immersion. You’ll learn via audio lessons, transcripts, and exercises suitable for all levels of fluency. 

16. Live Lingua

Live Lingua is another ideal online course for people who need to learn Spanish fast. This course is also free, with over 50 hours of content, designed to be completed over six months. But you can speed up the process if you want. Live Lingua utilizes voice recordings to help correct your pronunciation. 

17. MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Insitute of Technology has over a dozen free online courses suitable for beginners, advanced students, and everyone in between. These MIT courses allow you to download materials, so you can study them on your own time and keep them as references. 

18. LingoDeer

LingoDeer is quick and convenient for busy people who want to learn Spanish fast. The courses are game-like, making the learning experience fun and highly interactive. But you need t take the initiative to speak aloud to ensure you’re perfecting your pronunciation. 

19. Pimsleur

Pimsleur focuses on audio courses to improve your Spanish listening skills. Along with audio lessons, they encourage students to avoid writing or reading align the language, as they want to focus on listening and understanding the language audibly. 

Final Note

Not everyone learns Spanish in the same manner, so consider what teaching approach meshes well with your learning style. Exploring these 19 Spanish language courses can help you determine the ideal option for you to become fluent in no time!

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