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Top 19 Places for Cloud Computing Certification

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Find the best places to get your cloud computing certification


A cloud computing certification is among the most desirable attributes for top companies in many industries. IT experts with a cloud computing certification have acquired the skills to work in many areas, including cloud infrastructure, virtualization, and cybersecurity. There are dozens of excellent cloud computing certification classes that you can complete online.


In this article, we have collected the top 19 places you can go to obtain a certification for cloud computing. Sign up for one of these courses and watch your career flourish.

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Which Certificate Is Best for Cloud Computing?

The best cloud computing certification depends on what technology you handle, but the AWS Cloud Certification from Amazon is one of the best. With an AWS certificate, you will understand Amazon’s architecture, a skill many companies value.


How Much Does Cloud Computing Certification Cost?

It depends on the company, but most cloud certifications cost a couple of hundred dollars. Other cloud computing certification courses can be more expensive, but some organizations, including Amphy, cost significantly less.

Is a Cloud Computing Certificate Worth It?

If you have some experience in IT and are interested in career advancement in a cloud computing specialty, a certification is worthwhile. A certificate in cloud computing can contribute to a job promotion, salary increase, or recognition of your growing expertise.

Our List of Cloud Computing Certification Ideas for You 

Here is our list of the best cloud computing certifications for you.

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A certificate in cloud computing can contribute to a job promotion, salary increase, or recognition of your growing expertise.

#1. Amazon Web Services

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course with Amphy Skills gives IT professionals valuable experience designing and managing AWS-based applications. Users will learn about architectural principles, security, and billing.

#2. Microsoft Azure

Valuable to newbies and seasoned professionals, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course provides knowledge about cloud computing concepts and models. Graduates are ready to work in public, private, or hybrid cloud settings.

#3. Google Cloud Platform

IT experts with the GCP certificate can demonstrate the ability to work with Google Cloud Platform services and technologies. Topics in this course range from cloud architecture to cost optimization.

#4. CompTIA Cloud+

The Cloud+ certificate is a brand-neutral course that prepares individuals to work in cloud computing. Focuses of this certification include virtualization, automation, and troubleshooting cloud solutions.

#5. Certified Cloud Security Professional

The (ISC)² organization offers this security-focused cloud computing certification to help IT professionals with courses on cloud computing best practices and securing data in cloud environments.

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Top 19 Places for Cloud Computing Certification

#6. Cisco Certified Network Associate

The CCNA course helps IT workers demonstrate knowledge in designing and implementing cloud solutions for various business industries.

#7. VMware Certified Professional

This VMware certificate displays competency in many cloud-related skills, such as cloud design, management, and automation. Multiple certifications and badges are available, so explore the site to find the right one.

#8. Red Hat Certified Specialist

This Linux-based course gives learners the skills to deploy and manage cloud computing solutions on the Red Hat OpenShift application platform.

#9. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

Salesforce is an industry-giant, and with this certificate, IT workers will have a solid understanding of Salesforce architecture and how to design multi-cloud B2B solutions for the Salesforce platform.

#10. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle offers multiple cloud infrastructure certifications, including options for cloud developers and architects and a foundational course for a basic understanding of cloud computing.

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#11. IBM Cloud Professional Architect

This comprehensive certification consists of 28 courses which take roughly 13 hours to complete. Multiple paths in the program focus on designing cloud solutions and managing data.

#12. Cloud Security Alliance Certification

This certificate is for cybersecurity experts needing knowledge of cloud computing best practices for ensuring a secure cloud environment. There are multiple courses, including a Cloud Security 101 Training course.

#13. Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization

The CCA-V certificate demonstrates that graduates have skills in installing, configuring, and managing Citrix virtual apps and desktops. There are a total of 14 sections in this certificate program.

#14. EMC Cloud Architect

This course from Dell teaches professionals how to design cloud infrastructures and manage cloud computing services for various business needs.

#15. HP Accredited Technical Professional

With this HP certificate, you validate your ability to configure and manage foundational HPE data center solutions with HP technologies such as Nimble and OneView infrastructure management.

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Top 19 Places for Cloud Computing Certification

#16. NetApp Certified Data Administrator

The NCDA certificate takes from 6-12 months to complete. It focuses on managing data storage controllers on systems, including ONTAP in NFS and Windows (CIFS) multiprotocol environments.

#17. OpenStack Foundation Certification

OpenStack’s certification is for professionals with at least six months of experience in OpenStack’s cloud environment. The course is more expensive than average, but multiple industry leaders highly value it.

#18. Puppet Certified Professional

This certificate demonstrates the ability to use Puppet to develop basic modules and administer system infrastructures. The exam is short, taking only 90 minutes to complete.

#19. Ubuntu Certified Professional

Ubuntu Linux users should consider picking up this advanced certification which validates a user’s ability to develop and administer Ubuntu servers in a cloud computing environment.

Final Thoughts

Earning a cloud computing certification can help grow your career in a big way. Try one of our Amphy cloud computing courses and any of the options on this list, and start enjoying the benefits of your hard work today.

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