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What Is the Average Health Coach’s Salary?

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Health coaches make a huge difference by helping people choose better diets and guiding them to the right decisions to improve themselves. In turn, health coaches can play a vital role in an individual’s physical and mental health.


This career has many advantages to consider, but it takes quite some time to be mastered. With hard work and dedication, you can get into this fast-growing field that helps countless people improve their lives and earn a decent health coach salary.


Perhaps you’re thinking about pursuing this career but want to know more. This article will tackle the average health coach’s salary and some other tidbits before you jump into this job. After reading this article, you’ll better understand the role and a typical health coach’s salary.

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What Is a Health Coach?

Health coaches study behavior, understand motivation, and teach you how to make changes to improve your lifestyle. They base their work on the clients that employ them. They use their experience and knowledge to support various people struggling with their lives. 


They help clients build new, healthy habits to change their mindsets. Moreover, health coaches use their skills in a career that positively impacts them.  


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Who Should Use a Health Coach?

Jobs in the 21st century constantly evolve with different options for people to explore. Despite health coaching being a relatively new career, several medical facilities increasingly hire health coaches.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that everyone should visit a health coach occasionally for various reasons. 


Therefore, don’t wait to join the health coaching profession. More people seek help from experienced professionals, meaning more opportunities are open to you. As of 2018, thousands of health coaches were employed in the United States. 

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Health coaches study behavior, understand motivation, and teach you how to make changes to improve your lifestyle

Why Should I Consider a Health Coach Position?

Health coaches have flexible and unique careers. While data varies on how much they earn, as we’ll talk about later, medical centers are slowly accepting this profession. 

Job Versatility

Health coaches can reach more people with both in-person and online sessions. Health coaches can choose to work full or part-time while maintaining another job related to the field. Moreover, having multiple options, such as individual or group sessions, attracts more customers. 

Advantages of the Private Sector and a Stable Health Coach Salary

You can work for a private practice or at a clinic, hospital, wellness center, etc. The latter will provide more experience and possible benefits. You can control your hours and rates more as the years pass. 

Gain Certifications

Certified health coaches show they have the knowledge, skills, and safety training to deliver quality service. Having a certificate will help in applying for positions. These qualifications indicate that you met the standards and performed health coaching duties with a commitment to a specialized program.


As a health coach, you can focus on your niche and target a specific audience. The types of clients you serve, and your location impact your rate.  


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health coach salary

What Is the Average Health Coach Salary?

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting, let’s answer how much the average health coach’s salary is. 


In the United States, health coaches can earn as little as $15,000 up to $100,000. The median is anywhere from $55,300 to $71,200. The variation is based on the coach’s education, certificates, skills, and experience.


In addition, many employers will use a salary tool to calculate what a health coach should receive in terms of monetary compensation, and this is something that can vary based on location. 


Some health coaches charge more per hour or work with clients that can afford higher costs, while others are in lower-class areas. Generally, health coaches earn about $60,000 yearly with the proper credentials and experience. Working full-time or part-time will also vary the rate you bring home annually.

Are Health Coaches in Demand?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for health coaches will grow by 11 to 13% by 2028. Health coaches ranked in the top 20 of global fitness trends in 2020. People are more conscious about their health and look for people to help them better their lives and lower their medical bills.


This profession is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. People need help fulfilling their lives with better diets and achievable goals. Health coaches provide support more safely and affordably than other expensive facilities.

Is a Health Coach’s Salary and Certification Worth It?

Health coaches make good salaries, but this process takes dedicated time and energy to finish the certification. Once you graduate, you need to find clients to gain business. You have to build trust between yourself and the people you work with. 


Once you’ve built a reputation, you can work in various places, and people will hire you based on your education, credentials, and background. 

health coach salary

Things to Note About Health Coaching

Based on the health coach training and schooling you choose, you can become a health coach anywhere from a few months to a year. Some programs allow students to finish within several weeks. 


If you’re serious about this career path, credentials are important, and you check out the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching. Countless companies look for an associate’s degree or 4,000 hours of work experience before bringing you on the team.


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Key Takeaways

There’s no set number of what health coaches earn yearly. However, you can earn more once you gain certain skills and certificates.


Moreover, health coaching is a new job in recent years, but you have endless creative opportunities to earn a good living.


You could be a social media influencer, posting advice and guidance regarding certain healthy habits. You could make a blog and partner with well-known brands, creating products that improve mental and physical health. So, there are endless possibilities for you in this field.

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