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31 Digital Gift Cards to Buy [Updated Oct. 2023]

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Ensuring that your staff feels appreciated and valued is beneficial for the organization as a whole. According to Forbes, organizations with employees that feel appreciated often have a lower turnover rate and higher productivity. 


Showing appreciation for your employees has never been easier. Whether you are welcoming a new crew member or thanking a loyal long-timer, a gift speaks a thousand words and is always appropriate.

What Is a Digital Gift Card?

Digital gift cards are the virtual version of physical gift cards. You can often send them via email or text message. The receiver will then be able to redeem it online with a code or in-store with a scannable barcode. 


The options for electronic gift cards are practically endless. Treat your star employee to their next cup of coffee, lunch, or tank of gas with a virtual gift card.

Benefits of a Digital Gift Card

There are several benefits of gifting an e-gift card versus a physical gift card. 

  • Quick and convenient for a gifter in a time pinch
  • Versatile 
  • Can be cheap or more extravagant
  • Can be sent to anyone, anywhere 
  • Simple to purchase
  • Easier to track than a physical card 
  • Less wasteful than physical gift cards
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There are several benefits of gifting an e-gift card versus a physical gift card.

Best Digital Gift Cards to Send Employees

Welcome new team members and give a virtual high-five to current employees with an electronic gift card. 

1. Amphy 

Encourage employees to engage in lifelong learning with an Amphy e-gift card. This virtual gift card can help your hard-working team members treat themselves to a wide assortment of classes and experiences.

2. Amazon

An Amazon gift card is the perfect gift for anyone because of its versatility. This option is broad enough for any employee if you do not know someone’s interests or hobbies. 

Gift your new employee an Amazon gift card to help kick-start their office supply shopping. A tenured team member will also appreciate this gesture and treat themselves to an office refresh (or maybe some fun new socks). 

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 3. Starbucks

Whether its for today’s cup of coffee or a month’s worth of caffeine kicks, a Starbucks gift card is a simple way to treat your employees. 

Even if coffee isn’t their cup of tea, users can grab a quick bite to eat or a caffeine-free beverage. 


Send your overachievers a virtual glass (or two) of wine to celebrate their latest accomplishments. A e-gift card is the perfect way to cheer to success!


This online wine store allows users to pick their favorite wines and get them delivered straight to their door. 

Always be sure that your gift recipient is comfortable receiving alcohol-related gifts—if not, plenty of other options are sure to make their day!

5. Best Buy

Best Buy is a highly useful gift card for corporate employees in any position. Whether it is for work-related equipment or new tech for the home, a digital gift card from Best Buy is sure to be appreciated. 

6. DoorDash

DoorDash’s food delivery service is useful for lunches at the office or at lazy dinners at home. Treat your employees to their next meal with a virtual gift card. 

7. Barnes & Noble 

Gift a Barnes & Noble e-gift card to the bookworms on your team. Reading will encourage unplugging after work hours and taking healthy breaks. 

8. Spotify

Nothing accompanies a work day better than your favorite tunes. Treat your employees to a Spotify gift card so that they can jam out without interruptions from advertisements. 

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9. Netflix

Everyone deserves to binge-watch their favorite shows after a long day. A Netflix digital gift card is another great way to unplug. 

10. Uber

An Uber digital gift card is a great option for employees that want to take a break from public transit when they are in a pinch. 

11. Apple

An Apple virtual gift card is another gift with endless opportunities. With this gift, recipients can purchase anything from the Apple Store, including useful apps to further their careers. 

12. The Home Depot 

More time spent at home during a remote work position leads to more impromptu home renovations. Support your employees in their next DIY project with a gift card for The Home Depot. 

13. Instacart 

Grocery shopping can be a hassle, especially amidst a busy work week. With an Instacart virtual gift card, recipients can get their groceries delivered straight to their front door. 

14. Home Chef or Hello Fresh 

Take meal convenience to a whole new level with a meal delivery service gift card. Employees that don’t feel like cooking after a busy work day can whip up a quick and delicious meal. 

15. Sephora 

A Sephora gift card is an ideal options for employees that love to treat themselves to the latest beauty trends. 

16. Airbnb

Everyone deserves a vacation. Kickstart your team members’ next getaway with an Airbnb electronic gift card. 

17. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you could imagine for your bed and bath needs. This is a great gift for employees celebrating a milestone like a wedding or baby shower. 

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18. Getgo 

Help your team get where they need to go with a Getgo virtual gift card. 

19. AMC Theatres 

Treat your employees to their next night out at the movies with an AMC Theatres e-gift card. 

20. Delta Airlines 

A gift card for an airline will be a much-appreciated gesture for any member of the team. 

21. 57Hours

57Hours allows recipients to shop online for outdoor adventures. Gift these for a future team outing or for a solo adventure in nature. 

22. Chewy 

Pet lovers and their furry friends will appreciate a Chewy e-gift card for all their online pet shopping. 

23. Walmart

A Walmart gift card is perfect for medium to big-sized companies, as employees can choose from a wide variety of products to spend it.

24. Visa

The most versatile of all, Visa gift cards are prepaid debit cards. Users can make purchases online or via contactless payment. 

25. Dunkin’ Donuts 

Show your appreciation by paying for breakfast with a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card!

26. Macy’s

Macy’s is truly a place to buy all kinds of gifts, so a Macy’s gift card can be a wonderful gesture for a birthday, Christmas, or other festivities.

27. Office Max

If you work in an office, you can’t go wrong with one of these gift cards. You can be sure every one of your employees will find it useful.

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28. Groupon

Groupon has thousands of bargains for clothing, outings, services, and more. 

29. StubHub

A StubHub gift card allows recipients to purchase sports, concert, and theater tickets. This is a great gift for thrill seekers of all types. 

30. Dave and Busters 

Treat your hard workers to a fun, family night out with Dave and Busters. This is also a great spot for team outings. 

31. Calm 

The Calm App is the number-one rated app in the App Store for meditation and sleep. 

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