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9 Best e-Gift Cards for Employees [Updated Oct. 2023]

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Corporate gift cards are a great way to show your employees you and the company appreciate their efforts. Digital corporate gift cards for employees are also a great way to celebrate staff’s birthdays and work anniversaries.


Polling your staff members can help you narrow down the list but so can an article like this. We’ve done most of the legwork for you by identifying some of the top corporate gift cards for employees. Read on to discover which ones your staff will thank you for the appreciation.

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While corporate gift cards are a cost-effective way to reward employees, you might be wondering which ones they’ll love the most.

1. Amphy

Help your employees to pursue their hobbies and loves outside of work with a gift card from Amphy. With a wide selection of professional and recreational classes to choose from, your employees can finally learn the language they’ve been dreaming of, attain their fitness goals, or learn to play the instrument they’ve always wanted to.


Amphy offers a variety of one-on-one and group classes, at every level.


Amphy gift cards offer skills that will last a lifetime, which a lot of employees will appreciate over a nice one-off meal. What’s more, you can customize your Amphy gift card however you like! 

2. Coffee Houses and Chains

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee in the morning? And if they don’t, there’s tea, hot chocolate, or many non-caffeinated specialty drinks. Your organization can purchase gift cards in bulk for coffee houses and chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.


You may also find lesser-known chains that are local to your region or state. Gift cards to specialty coffee chains let employees buy breakfast and warm up with a cup of joe. Some chains offer light lunch and dinner boxes and other products they can brew or use at home.

3. Restaurants

The sky is the limit when purchasing restaurant gift cards in bulk. You can give your employees a set of free meals to sit-down restaurants like Applebee’s and Chili’s. Fast food restaurants also offer bulk gift cards, in addition to mom and pop shops and chains that specialize in one type of food.


Think cookie and ice cream shops or chains that only sell breakfast foods. If your employees have a few favorites, take advantage of bulk prices to rotate which restaurants they get gift cards to. They’ll enjoy a break from cooking and eating groceries at home.

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4. Big Box Retailers

Now, this is another category where there are plenty of options. Large box retailers like Target and Walmart offer corporate gift cards. Employees love these because they can treat themselves or use their gift cards for holiday shopping. When times are tight, gift cards to clothing stores and larger retailers can help stretch their paychecks.


Another superb thing about gift cards to major retailers is that your staff can spend the cards on multiple types of items. Maybe they need to pick up some groceries and a new outfit for work. Gift cards to several big-box retailers increase the variety.  

5. Online Retailers

What would a digital gift card be if it wasn’t redeemable at an online store? You can purchase employee gift cards in bulk from big online retailers like Amazon. For workers who don’t like to shop in person, these gift cards give them a chance to buy whatever they want and have it delivered to their homes.


Essentially, it’s the online equivalent of a Target or Walmart gift card. From electronics to books, staff members can take their time to find just what they need.

6. Movie Theaters

Give your employees a chance to unwind or take their partners out for a date night. Gift cards to major movie theaters let staff go to the movie of their choice wherever one of those theaters exists. So if they’re away from the office for work or traveling for personal reasons, they can see the top movies on their lists.


These gift cards also help cover the costs of refreshments at the theaters. So, they can get their soda and popcorn or a box of candy to help them enjoy the show. Movie gift cards are a no-brainer treat for everyone.

7. Food Delivery Services 

Sometimes we don’t want to cook at home but we don’t want to go out to a restaurant either. Not even a drive-thru. What’s the solution? Takeout delivery, of course!


And this is where gift cards to food delivery services like Door Dash and GrubHub come in. Almost everyone loves to get a free lunch or a night off from the kitchen. These takeout and food delivery services also give people a wide variety of local options.


Hamburgers, pizza, sushi, and classic favorites. It’s all available, day and night.

8. Digital Music

Another thing that nearly everyone loves is music. That’s why corporate gift cards for employees that are redeemable for iTunes and other digital music platforms are such a hit. Your staff can redeem them for singles or complete albums, downloading them to the cloud or another device for easy listening.


The nice thing about digital music cards is that employees can add to their existing collections and playlists. Even the ones with eclectic music tastes can cherry-pick the songs and albums from a broad range of genres. And you won’t risk buying a single or album that an employee won’t like.

9. Grocery Store Chains

This is another type of gift card that shows your company cares about your employees’ well-being. Again, in tight economic times, paying for the basics can be difficult for everyone. From singles to employees with larger families, gift cards that help them put food on the table say a lot.


Staff members can get the food they need to nourish themselves and their families. They also won’t have to worry about whether their paycheck will cover it.

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