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Corporate E-Learning Market Revenue to Cross USD 450 Bn by 2028: Global Market Insights Inc.


Global Market Insights has announced that the corporate E-Learning market revenue will reach 450 billion USD by 2028.

Everything You Need To Know in Less Than Fifty Words

The corporate eLearning market will grow over the next decade through a focus on training programs offered to corporate employees. This projected growth will increase over 20% from the 100 billion USD quote in 2021.

More About E-Market Revenue

E-learning technology provides effective learning courses for employees while cutting costs and time. Software and services can convert PowerPoint presentations, PDF manuals, and online training videos into interactive eLearning opportunities. As a result, corporations are offering more eLearning training courses to improve employee expertise and increase skill sets.


Corporations have discovered that when employees are allowed to take eLearning courses, the corporation experiences production growth. In addition, employee retention is higher and companies experience increased workplace morale. All of these things increase the company’s bottom line and employee satisfaction. 


The popularity of online learning during the pandemic has increased the use of eLearning platforms across industries, impacting healthcare, government, manufacturing, and BFSI. eLearning offers large organizations the opportunity to train their entire workforce. This training affects product upgrades, management structure change, and compliance policies. 


COVID quarantine brought about this rapid growth in eLearning platforms. Due to an increase in the number of employees working from home, companies have moved to online platforms to share information and train new employees. The increased revenue and success of these programs prove that virtual training is here to stay, even if the pandemic is over. 

With programs like Amphy, employees can go through training virtually, but they can also sign up for courses to grow their skillsets and benefit their companies and resumes.

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Global Market Insights has announced that the corporate E-Learning market revenue will reach 450 billion USD by 2028.

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Amphy Revolutionizes E-Learning With a New Way to Browse

Amphy once again revolutionizes how we book online with their new feature: mobile ‘Story View’. Users can now enjoy the full-screen, infinite scroll functionality popularized by social media apps while browsing Amphy’s thousands of live courses, experiences, and events.


On your mobile phone, you can scroll through the trailers by swiping up and down with your finger. When you find a session that interests you, simply click the “book now” button to be taken straight to the checkout.

Educational Metaverse Startup in DFW Gets Seed Funding of Over $3 Million

Industry leaders are forming strategic partnerships and focusing on product innovations to meet the rising demand for virtual education. An essential strategy is developing among key players in the corporate eLearning market. 


Companies like Cegid, Learning Pool, Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), Mind Tools, Netex, Omniplex, and Skillsoft are focusing on increasing brand awareness. The goal of these companies, and the e-learning market in general, is the creation of online training portfolios that cover extensive competence building, leadership, and soft skills.

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