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How to Create a Great Intro and Outro for Video Creation

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An intro and outro are pretty crucial in making an impactful video. A good intro introduces the content of the video and attracts the audience’s attention, and a good outro ties up all the loose ends of the video to avoid confusion or questions. 


They include cool animation, a brand logo, background music, and eye-catching illustrations. They help you create a unique style and identity for yourself and make you memorable to the audience.


However, an intro and outro must be short, crisp, and to the point. In addition, they must have all the relevant topics and continuity with your video’s main content. Finally, they must not look forced or out of place as they might lose relevance. 


Wondering how to create a great intro and outro? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article discusses the methods you can use to create an excellent intro and outro easily and feasibly.

7 Ways to Create a Good Intro and Outro

Listed below are seven things to keep in mind when you create free intro and outro videos:

Create Your Style

One of the most crucial things about intro and outro is they represent your style. They help you make your own identity.


Therefore, the first thing you must do to create a good introduction and outro is to identify your type. Then, determine whether you want to keep the intro and outro simple or whether you want to add special effects, background music, etc.


Choose if you wish to add a catchphrase to your intro or outro or want to keep it simple. 


Also, decide how you want to introduce yourself and how you wish to sign out from the video. This way, you can create a unique style that will make you memorable to the audience.

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An intro and outro are pretty crucial in making an impactful video

Have a Purpose in Mind

After determining the style of your intro and outro, you must determine their purpose. Without a goal, you cannot create a good intro and outro. For example, choose whether you want to promote your video or your channel. 


Also, decide whether you wish to increase your watch time through your intro and outro or increase your engagement and products. Once you determine the goal of your intro and outro, make the intro and outro according to the purpose.

Be Straightforward

Once you determine your goal, be straightforward while making your intro and outro. Please do not confuse the viewers by giving them too much or too little information. Instead, keep it relevant and to the point.


Introduce yourself in the intro and conclude properly in the outro. 


Specifically mention what you want your viewers to do after watching the video in your outro. Being straightforward and simple makes it easier for the audience to connect with your content.

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Include Your Brand Logo

After you determine the purpose of your intro and outro, you must include your brand logo. Without branding your video, you cannot make your brand memorable to your audience. Therefore, have the brand logo in both the intro and the outro. 


Make sure that your brand logo is in such a way that it is visible to your audience. However, it should not be too big or too small as it may distract your audience. Instead, place your logo, so it is understandable to the audience but not too distracting. 


Use a free intro maker online to incorporate your brand logo in your intro and outro.

Add Call to Action

One of the critical elements you must include in your intro and outro is Call to Action.


You must primarily have a call to action in your outro. Your call to action must specify what you want your viewers’ to do. It must also include your website and channel details. Furthermore, you must also request viewers to subscribe to your channel.


You can also have statistics and metrics in your call to action about how many people are watching your video and not subscribing to your channel to convince them to subscribe.

Add Animation and Special Effects

After you have decided on your content for the intro and outro and included your logo, you must add animation and special effects to your intro and outro to make them attractive.


Select an appropriate template and add special effects to the template. For example, you may add a doodled version of yourself or add a doodled version of your business logo. 


You must also choose appropriate templates and add shapes and annotations to make them fun and exciting. The point is to use eye-catching animation to attract the viewer’s attention.

Save the Template

Once you have created the template and added animation and special effects, save it so you can use them later for other videos. This way, it will be easier for you to create exciting intros and outros.


Saving the template also helps you maintain consistency in including your intros and outros. You may also use free intro makers online and make use of engaging and unique templates relevant to your video and content.


These are some ways to make your intros and outros. Making intros and outros is relatively easy and not time-consuming if you do them correctly. Now that you know how to make intros and outros, you can create them easily without hassles. You may do it yourself or hire a professional editor to create your intros and outros.


However, make sure that the intros and outros must be crisp, and relevant to the content of the video. Also, it would help if you consistently incorporated your intros and outros in all your videos to be memorable to your audience.

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