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7 Online Private Spanish Lessons Courses

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A decade ago, language learning was confined to stuffy classrooms, where textbooks and rote memorization made true fluency nearly impossible. However, with the rise of online learning platforms, access to private Spanish lessons courses is just a click away!


Online courses offer a personalized approach to language learning, giving you the freedom to develop your fluency from the comfort of your home. 


It’s a more accessible way to learn the Spanish language, incorporating various learning styles, so you’re not stuck doing workbook exercises and flashcards.


Additionally, online Spanish lessons courses allow you to converse with native speakers, so you know you’re nailing pronunciation and conversational nuances


Our selection of seven online Spanish lessons courses is your ticket to joining the ranks of the 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide. ¡Vamos!

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What is the best way to learn Spanish courses?

The best way to learn Spanish is through practice and immersion. Outside of your lessons, you should read, listen to, and speak Spanish as much as possible

How many hours of Spanish does it take to become fluent?

According to the United States Foreign Service Institute, Spanish is a Category I language, requiring between 600-750 class hours to learn. 

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The best way to learn Spanish is through practice and immersion.

Can Spanish be self-taught? 

Yes, Spanish can be self-taught, but it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. To be successful, set aside practice time every day and try to converse in Spanish as often as possible. 

Our List of 7 Online Private Spanish Lessons Courses for You

If you want to learn to speak fluent Spanish with the help of a private tutor, we’ve rounded up seven courses that can help you reach your goals:

1. Amphy

Whether you’re brand new to the language or just trying to brush up on what you already know, Amphy has Spanish courses for every level. 


Try Spanish for Beginners Class: Learn Spanish Fast to set the groundwork for your future fluency in a customized, 1-on-1 setting. 

2. Live Lingua

Live Lingua is an intensive Spanish course based on your preferences and learning style. You’re matched with the ideal tutor, down to their accent, and take various assessments to help your teacher develop your learning plan. 

3. Lingoda 

If you’re interested in learning about Spanish-speaking culture and global dialects, Lingoda is an excellent choice. 


Rather than exclusively teaching Spanish from Spain, Lingoda emphasizes dialectical diversity so you can have Spanish conversations from Cancun to Costa Rica. 

4. italki 

For Spanish learners who want a blend of conversation and interactive practice exercises, italki’s extensive community of native-speaking tutors is a winning option. 


You have a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling and get three trial lessons before you start paying. 

5. Verbling

Verbling offers more than 2,000 tutors with teaching experience across their curriculum of 70 different languages. 


With lessons starting at $6 and a free try-before-you-buy lesson, you can give the remote learning platform a shot without a major impact on your wallet. 


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6. Baselang

The main thing that sets Baselang apart is its monthly unlimited plan. For one flat monthly fee, you have 24/7 access to Spanish classes with more than 450 native speakers as often as you want. Your first week is only $1, and you can pause your subscription if you want to take a break. 


They also have an 80-hour accelerated “Grammarless” option that promises to make you conversational in 1-2 months. 

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7. Spanish Institute for Global Education

While it’s the most expensive Spanish lessons courses on our list, the Spanish Institute for Global Education is a highly revered 1-to-1 learning platform trusted by partner universities and study abroad programs.


If you’re planning to take the DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) or SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) tests to certify your fluency, they can incorporate exam prep into your lessons. 

How to Make the Most of Your Online Private Spanish Lessons Courses

Signing up for Spanish lessons courses is just the first step in your journey to fluency. If you want to achieve your learning goals, follow these tips for success:


  • Create goals and hold yourself accountable to them. When you create clear objectives and celebrate milestones along the way, it’s much easier to stay motivated. 
  • Learning a language requires consistency. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice and always attend your lessons. 
  • Be an active participant during your Spanish lessons courses. Your tutor is there to answer questions and act as a conversational partner, so take advantage of having them as a resource. The more you use the language, the more comfortable you’ll feel using it.
  • Combine your private lessons with supplementary resources like podcasts and language-learning apps. Try reading books or watching movies in Spanish to expose yourself to the language even more. 
  • Be kind to yourself while you’re learning. Learning a new language is difficult, so patience and positivity are non-negotiable. 

Final Thoughts 

When you immerse yourself in online private Spanish lessons courses, you can connect with another culture and expand your horizons. 


While it can be a bit nerve-wracking to take the plunge, there are many benefits to learning a second language that makes your efforts well worth the work. 

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