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21 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List 2024

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The holidays can be a stressful, jam-packed time of year when minutes and hours seem to slip away. The to-do lists are long and the days are short, making it seemingly impossible to get everything ready in time for the perfect celebration. 


We never mean to leave our Christmas gifts last minute, but somehow we always end up with one or two people left on our list.


What’s worse is that this situation seems to affect everyone so that shops fill up with late-minute shoppers right before the celebration, adding to everyone’s stress levels.

1. Amphy Virtual Christmas Activities and Team Building

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t physical gifts at all, but instead, they’re activities and experiences that create memories and bonds to last a lifetime.


Amphy’s virtual Christmas activities are not only great for individuals, but they make the perfect group gifts for office teams and team-building experiences. With several Christmas-related classes and activities, you can pull anyone into the holiday spirit and leave a lifelong impression. 


Check out Amphy’s virtual Christmas classes and team-building activities for some inspiring Christmas gift ideas. 

Massage guns have become all the rage in homes around the world. These effective tools are great for everyone: athletes, moms, fitness enthusiasts, hard-working dads, and top-notch bosses. 


Massage guns come with different speeds, intensities, and attachments to target various muscles in the body, from knots in the neck to sore calves. This at-home massage therapy is an excellent Christmas gift for anyone on your list.


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It’s no secret that Christmas falls right at the beginning of the winter season. Cold weather means cozying up with sweaters, flannel, and fuzzy socks. 

Chances are, everyone on your list likes to be warm and cozy. A pair of high-quality slippers never fails, and it’s something we rarely purchase for ourselves.


Pick out a soft, fluffy, and supportive pair of slippers for the last person on your gift list. They (and their feet) will certainly thank you for it.

These days, everything is better when it’s wireless and hands-free. And everyone loves music, so why not hook them up with a high-tech Bluetooth speaker?


There are all sorts of speakers on the market today. Small speakers are great for in the house and on the go, while shower speakers let you jam during bathtime. Larger speakers are awesome for cookouts and tailgates. 

Pick a Bluetooth speaker that caters to the needs of that last person on your Christmas gift list.

quotation marks

What’s worse is that this situation seems to affect everyone so that shops fill up with late-minute shoppers right before the celebration, adding to everyone’s stress levels.

Not every gift has to be large, expensive, and showy. Sometimes we need a nice last-minute Christmas gift for a co-worker or the host of the party. 


Nice candles are always a welcome gift. High-quality candles can be expensive, so people on your guestlist might avoid buying them for themselves. But a freshly lit candle can add ambiance and warmth to the day. 

Does someone on your Christmas list love to make drinks? Do you have a new couple that’s missing some essential cocktail tools? Are you hoping to spark a new hobby in a friend?


A new bar tool set is the ideal gift for anyone that fits into the questions above. 


Bar tool sets often come with a shaker, stirring spoons, shot measuring cups, muddlers, and more. And the significant part about this gift is you can work within your budget. Some sets are very affordable, while others are more pricey. 


Pick the one that works best for you. 

When you’re buying for a couple or a family, you can’t go wrong with adding a fun game to their collection. Everyone should have a small stockpile of card and board games to pull out on rainy days and get-togethers. 


Go for classics like chess, Uno, or checkers, or check out some of the latest and greatest games on the market. It will be super fun if you plan to spend Christmas day with this person. You can break the game open and have a built-in activity. 


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This gift is especially great if you’re spending Christmas Day at a friend or family member’s house and need a small gift to bring along. House plants are practically pets these days, so it’s likely that one will make a welcomed gift.


Go with something fun, colorful, and large. It makes an even better presentation if you select one that comes in a nice stand or decorative pot. 

Some of the best Christmas gifts are the ones you can open and start using right away. Retro cameras let you take fun photos and print them on the spot, using Polaroid prints to do the trick.


And since Christmas is a day for making memories, one of these cameras might just be the perfect gift ever. There’s no limit to who would use this kind of gift, so consider it a last-minute idea for anyone.

Charcuterie boards are very popular right now, but someone on your list might be missing out on the fun because they don’t own a board on which to serve all their snacks. 


You can find tons of elegant and functional bamboo charcuterie boards for sale. Many of them come with things like bowls for dips and serving utensils to cut and distribute cheese.


Anyone can use a charcuterie board, but it’s extra fun for new homeowners or newlyweds.

11. A Christmas Murder Mystery

Looking for a fun way to get your team involved and create some much-needed bonding over the holiday season? 


Amphy’s A Christmas Murder Mystery Class is an exciting virtual experience that takes your group back in time to the setting of A Christmas Story and the murder of Jacob Marley. 


The murder mystery package comes with everything you’d expect, a meeting with the detective, facts on the case, evidence, discussion, suspects, and more. Pick your time slot and amp up your team for this virtual bonding experience. 

12. Dutch Oven 

Dutch ovens are a staple in any well-stocked kitchen. They’re amazing for making chilli, soup, sauces, and more. 


But Dutch ovens also tend to be pretty expensive, so they’re often missing from the average person’s stock of pots and pans. If you know someone on your Christmas list who doesn’t own one of these babies yet, here’s your opportunity to put a big smile on their face.


They don’t have to be interested in cooking to love this gift, either. Dutch ovens are perfect for easy meals, and they make a great visual while sitting on the stovetop in any kitchen. 


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13. Gift Cards 

Lots of people might consider a gift card too lame a gift to give, but tons of people thoroughly enjoy receiving gift cards on Christmas. Despite the idea that there might not be a lot of thought behind this present, people like the freedom to choose their gift. 


Gift cards are great as last-minute gifts for everyone because there are so many options. You can purchase restaurant cards for the foodies, movie cards for the theatre lovers, and store cards for the shoppers. 


The options are endless here

14. North Poll Points 

Like other team-building activities from Amphy, the North Poll Points Class is a fun and entertaining virtual Christmas party game that gets everyone involved. 


In this class, your guests will discuss popular Christmas polls, answering tons of interesting questions about holiday traditions and Christmas favorites. It adds some healthy competition to your team, as you’ll be competing for points.


Turn a virtual happy hour into a holiday game of points and prizes to get your team amped up for the new year. 

15. Christmas Crack Up! 

Not many people view Christmas as a particularly humorous time of year, but what better way is there to spread joy than through a little bit of laughter? If you want to lighten your team’s mood after a tough wrap-up of the year, try gifting them this Christmas Crack Up! Class from Amphy. 


During this class, your team will get to learn all about the art of joke-telling. The teacher takes the simple act of a joke and breaks it down to the science of why something is funny. 


From comedic timing to professional coaching, your team is bound to have a blast and share a lot of belly laughs with this activity. 

16. Tickets to a Sporting Event 

Who doesn’t love sports? Even people who aren’t sports enthusiasts like to go to sporting events. There’s the bustle of the crowd, stadium food, beer, and the excitement of a win or loss. It’s ideal for everyone.


If you’re on the lookout for a last-minute gift that delivers instantly, grab a couple of tickets to an upcoming sporting event. You can buy one for you and your recipient, or give them two and let them decide whom to bring.

17. Ice Cream Maker 

What’s more exciting than making your ice cream at home in your kitchen? Everyone loves ice cream, so these machines make a great last-minute Christmas gift for the last person on your list. They are also generally inexpensive, so it’s a win-win.

18. Get To Know Ya Game Night: Holiday Edition

Whether your team has a lot of new faces or you just want to push the bonding in the right direction, Ampy’s Get To Know Ya Game Night is the perfect gift idea. 


This team-building activity makes a great last-minute gift for any team – large or small. It puts the holiday spin on classic icebreakers, presenting holiday-themed get-to-know-you questions. Each team member will answer the question in private and everyone will discuss it to figure out who said what.


If you’re looking for team building in the holiday spirit, you can’t do any better than this Amphy gift. 


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19. Coffee Warmer 

Everyone can relate to this. You make a cup of coffee in the morning and walk away to do something. One thing leads to another, and you return to a cold mug. How many times can one person reheat the same cup of coffee in the microwave?


Electric coffee warmers are the perfect solution and something that anyone on your list can use. Some plug into the wall, while others are wireless. Set your mug on it and it will stay warm as long as it takes you to drink it.

20. Wine Subscription 

These subscriptions are exciting for people on your gift list who love wine. They make for an excellent last-minute gift because you can purchase the subscription online and let your recipient handle the rest. There’s no long arrival time or rushing out to the store – just a fun announcement


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21. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Germs are a bigger deal today than they’ve ever been before. Staying healthy is at the top of everyone’s priority list, making a gift like this a homerun every time.


Self-cleaning water bottles use LED technology to rid the water bottle of any lingering bacteria. They guarantee fresh, clean, and safe water every time. Plus, these bottles will keep your drink cold. 


Someone on your Christmas list can stay hydrated and healthy at the same time. It’s a pretty cool gift that anyone can use throughout their daily life.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of swift yet thoughtful solutions, consider these 21 last-minute Christmas gift ideas, each with the potential to turn your holiday gifting experience into a festive sweepstakes. From engaging in virtual Christmas activities and team-building experiences with Amphy to practical gifts like a massage gun, cozy slippers, or a Bluetooth speaker, these options offer a diverse range to suit every recipient. Dive into the holiday spirit with a Christmas Murder Mystery or explore creativity with a retro camera. For those who savor culinary delights, a charcuterie board or Dutch oven could be the perfect entry ticket.


Don’t overlook the joy of experiences, such as sporting event tickets or virtual team-building activities, transforming your last-minute holiday preparations into an exciting sweepstakes adventure. Whether it’s a self-cleaning water bottle, a wine subscription, or a simple game night, these ideas, infused with the spirit of a sweepstakes, promise to bring joy and excitement to your eleventh-hour holiday celebrations.


No matter how hard we try to stay ahead of schedule and get our shopping done early, the holidays always seem to sneak up on us. When there’s only a week until Christmas and you still need gifts for a few people, stress sets in quickly. 

These 21 last-minute Christmas gifts are great for everyone on your list. Use them as inspiration to find the best gifts and leave the holiday stress behind.

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